Rootsmagic 8 on M1 Macs

Is RM8 a Rosetta 2 translation app or does it run natively on M1 macs?

Does the Rosetta conversion happen only once or every time there is an update?

Can’t really answer the technical aspect of your question, but I am running RM 8.1.4 on a MacBook with an Intel chip and on an iMac with an M1 chip, with no problems and no difference between the two that I can see.
I previously ran RM 8.1.3 on both machines - again, without any obvious problems. But maybe I’m not tech-savvy enough to notice?

On a Mac to see what apps are Intel based or Apple Silicone, have the app running, open Spotlight (CMD+Spacebar) search for Activity Monitor. In Activity Monitor, click CPU on the top right. In the “Kind” column there will be one of two words. “Apple” means the app is native to the M1 processor and “Intel” means it’s an Intel app running under Rosetta. On my MacBook M1, for RootsMagic, it says “Intel”. So RM 8 was designed for the Intel Macs and runs under Rosetta on the M1 Macs. Probably why it loads slowly.

Yes, it will use Rosetta 2 (until there is a version with native Apple silicon code as well as Intel code in the one application). As of now, Rosetta 2 will be invoked to translate the Intel code into Apple silicon code once after every RM8 update.

No tech savy needed. Not seeing a difference in use answers my question. Renee said that they may eventually have a universal app but see no need for it now (when pigs fly?).

On another issue where the last 2 updates fail to happen in RM8 and I have to go to the download website in Safari she said a few macs were behaving oddly. I replied that it clearly was a nice new mac specific bug.

No it isn’t new. This happened off an on throughout community preview. Mac specific, yes!

Got an M1 MBP 8 core CPU and sent my loyal MBP 2014 2 core off to the Daisy Hill puppy farm retirement home.

Per Activity monitor RM8 takes all my CPU on start and then slowly drops to 50% and runs about 20% when idle. FTM 2019 starts with <10% and quickly drops to < 1%. Both programs are still Intel not ARM so the comparison is fair.

Only Zoom uses more CPU than RM8.

I am running RM8 on an intel based Mac Book Pro with 8 gb of memory and I am not seeing in activity monitor any percentages of CPU use as has been reported.

Perhaps you need to sort the %CPU column into descending order to see the big hitters.

I have trouble seeing FTM usage since it is so far down the list. RM8 is at the top only exceeded by an active Zoom session.

Saw comments on intel translated software running down the battery on M1 macs. I had blamed short battery life on a new hub I was using. However I was letting RM8 stay open all day to see if it continued access violation crashes. It still does on M1 but was probably the real cause of short battery life not my new hub. RM8 is intel code and uses a ridiculous 20 to 60% of my cpu which is a power draw on my battery. FTM 2019 also is intel but uses only 0.1% cpu and will soon be updated.

I just took at my RM8 8.1.6 On intel iMac. 24G memory It sits at 6% idle. I did one of those nasty complex searches and it went up to 60% and stayed there until the end. Then it went 99% when it sorted the results. 77K individuals.

Does the M1 iMac seem to run faster with the SSD? The intel one takes forever just to load. I do a lot of restarts because of the Access Errors.

Think you meant 24 MB ram since you probably have only 8 or 16 GB in total.

on both my 2014 intel room heater and my new MBP 14 M1 Pro base RM8 with a 400 person file runs at 20% idle and 60% active CPU usage. family tree maker uses 0.2% cpu in action and 0.1% idle.

All macs now have internal SSD storage and everything is very fast. perhaps 10+x internal hard drive units.

ram is memory and I have 24G 2 8G and 2 4G chips.
I’m wanting to go to the M1 processor but I has waiting for the 27". Looks like apple did away with the 27" iMac after the March 8 promo.
the MacBook Pro looks like the way to go with an additional monitor.
I do a lot of split-screen work.

Per the Mark Ellis channel the 24 in iMac M1 is plenty of screen. He was used to a 27" but found the new 24" sufficient. Just don’t get the bottom model as it lacks too many feaatures.

What do you think of a MacBook Pro with a monitor?
I edit photos and videos. Concerned about having enough memory.

Just get an M1 iMac 24 with 16GB ram. MBP is expensive and you cannot separate the screen from the keyboard and trackpad. Ram needs are much less with the M1 chip. Google Mark Ellis iMac reviews.