RM8 download and installation to Apple M1 chip

When attempting to process the RM8 download to my new Apple laptop I see that the data is for the intel chip requiring Rosetta. Is there a download for the Apple M1 chip. New Apple computers are M1.

I have been using both RM7 and now RM8 on Apple M1 running Big Sur without any issues. I just download from the website and drag to Applications. Sometimes need to right click open to get around Apple’s inbuilt security warning when using for the first time, but that is it.

I’m pretty sure that the answer is no, at least at the moment. However, as others have assured you, it would seem to run just fine using Rosetta. Processing speed surely can’t be an issue with those chip speeds.

John P

I believe Rosetta 2 runs just once per app and after that you are fine. Most developers have an intel and a M1 version but not RM8.

Install the free macupdater on a mac and it will show for each application icons for 64 bit vs 32, from the app store, intel only or arm. A very useful app to keep all your programs updated.

I am running RM8 (now at version 8.1.0) on both an Intel based iMac and a MacBook Air M1 chip with no major issues in that it runs. Time from clicking on the application icon to the Home Screen opening is still slow (10 secs) with the occasional bouncing beach ball while it opens.