Rootsmagic 9.1.5 update 5/22/2024

Nice to have database tools fixed on mac. Rootsmagic puts out frequent bug fix updates while FTM waits several years to their next major $ release to fix problems (ie merge sources failure).
If RM still has enough mac customers or wants new ones they need to offer Apple silicon versions rather than just Intel x86 code. Within 5 years no mac user will still run Intel chips and Rosetta translation must hinder software function.

My guess is that this is NOT accurate.
Report back to us with the results of this procedure:

## Does your app need Rosetta?

1. Select the app's icon in the Finder.
2. From the File menu in the Finder menu bar, choose Get Info.
3. In the Info window that opens, look for the information labeled Kind.
If the kind is **Application (Intel)**, the app needs Rosetta to work on a Mac with Apple silicon.
If the kind is **Application (Universal)**, the app doesn't need Rosetta, because it supports both Apple silicon and Intel processors.

Yes, RootsMagic does identify as an Intel app so works using Apple’s Rosetta translation layer, but as a regular mac as well as Windows user (but not a ‘fanboy’ for either) I don’t see that as an immediate problem. It really depends on whether Apple decides to remove Rosetta once it ceases providing support for Intel hardware, i.e. when it begins releasing versions of macOS that cannot be installed on Intel hardware it should become apparent when ongoing support is likely to end. Based on past practice, that is probably at least 3 years away, i.e. ongoing support and updates are normally available for the current and two previous macOS releases.

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It shows as “Application (Intel)” and so requires Rosetta.

Macupdater tells me when updates are available and rootsmagic is still Intel only code and the only one left on my M2 mac. All other programs are either mac specific or universal versions which generally run faster than translated intel code. RM tech support previously said they had no plans for a universal version.

Silicon mac chips have been out since 2020 and are on the 4th chip version so Rosetta may be dropped soon. Having to translate less than svelte mac program code for Apple silicon chips must contribute to the ridiculous 12-15% cpu usage at idle. All other programs run in active use at less than 1%.

Intel chip support is supposed to stop in 2024 and Rosetta 2 in 2026.


Do you know which support person told you something like that? Statements like that are against company policy and I need to address that with them.

You did. This was perhaps a year ago.

That’s odd I don’t remember making a statement like that at all.

At the time Rootsmagic was deep into serious bug fixes and a universal code version would have been nowhere on the priority list. Now it should be considered if the mac market is important to RM.