RM8 Application Performance

Since updating to RM version (Mac OS) I have noticed that the application takes much longer (11 seconds) to open to the Home Screen. I have two Macs (MacBook Air 2020 and iMac 2015 both fully speced). Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? Additionally I have noticed that if try deleting a line of text using the delete key, the text stops deleting and I get a beeping sound. I find I have to stop deleting give the app a few seconds then keep going. It is like a buffer overflow scenario.


I haven’t found this, certainly not with opening to the Home Screen, which I find noticeably faster than when it was churning through the Crossover filter with RM7.
I have found that sometimes I seem to run ahead when typing in the notes fields, though and, as you say, occasionally have to pause to let the screen catch up. I find my MacBook faster, but I suspect that’s because it has an SDD drive whereas my iMac does not

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RM8 takes a LONG time to open both the application and a database. It is the slowest app by far on my mac and the most unmaclike in how it behaves. Scrolling is terribly jerky and you can see this also on Bruce’s videos using Windows.

Yes I agree the scrolling leaves a lot to be desired. I was amazed when I found in the media window you have to drag on the scroll bars to move round a zoomed document instead of using swipe on the mouse or a trackpad. I must admit I am finding it difficult to stay engaged with RM 8. I keep persevering with it but I am struggling particularly having migrated a GEDCOM file from another family tree software program. My database when it comes to sources and citations didn’t come across well at all. The RM 8 features overall are very good but some things really do need some work.