The RM8 document could not be opened

macOS Monterey 12.3.1
I normally open my .rmtree by single clicking the RM8 icon on the Dock. I tried opening the .rmtree directly from the Finder and found that it was associated with TextEdit. No problem to change the file association back to RM8 and the file opened but with a warning dialog. The dialog’s message was that RM8 cannot open .rmtree files…

Clicked on the OK and business as usual. Definitely no issues other than the pointless warning. A repeatable bug.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


Don’t open RM8 by clicking on the file itself. It will only open the program and not the file. In the Settings if you have it set to “Open the last closed file” its going to open that one and not the one you clicked on.

Renee - Thanks for the reply.

I open my rmtree file by clicking on RM8.

In this instance I was trying to improve load time. On my iMac RM8 takes about 13 seconds to open, scrolling is difficult etc hence the what if I click on the file. This is a current model M1 iMac and RM8 is very…slow. My rmtree file is only 30MB so I was expecting better - it is back to family history on a PC with Win10 and RM8 until the slow loading and uneven scrolling can be improved.
I also use webtrees on a localhost i.e. Apache, MySQL with php followed by webtrees is up and running in 2 seconds. Once the server is running and database is in memory then subsequent webtrees launch is instant and that in a browser - why is RM8 so slow?

It would be good if I had confidence in RM8 on the iMac - improved launch, smooth scrolling and no more access violations. I do like RM8 and in particular the source/citation tools but it is frustrating when running on MacOS.

Much appreciated David Walton

Your frustrations are felt by many users of RM8 running under Mac OS. Application opening time and sluggish database performance has been a long standing problem even before the formal release. The opening time you articulated is about par for the course for this application. As others have previously said their workflow is open the application, go make a cup of coffee and when you have finished the program should be ready to use. You will at some stage have to re start the application due to the inevitable AV error. I think the software was designed this way.

On mac, why not simply leave RM8 open and avoid the very slow load process even on my M1 Pro 16gb MBP? I do not seem to get the windows behaviour AV crashes without activity. Renee also suggested that mac users need to do things SLOOOWLY pretenting to be Windows users since speedy mac actions trigger crashes.

Over time the worst bugs should get fixed especially if shared with windows users. Poor design and porting choices may not.

Also don’t blame slow loading and jerky scrolling on Rosetta translated Intel code. My intel FTM 2019 program loads quickly, scrolls smoothly, uses too little cpu to notice and never crashes. Rosetta is only a temporary fix from Apple for tardy developers and could become an issue for RM8 when it is dropped.