Double-click on .rmtree does not open tree (v8.1.5.0)

When I double-click on a RootsMagic v7 tree in Explorer, v7 opens and I see my tree data. Just like I expect any other Windows 10 app to act.

I do the same for v8 and it goes to a Roots Magic home screen. From there I have to click ‘File’, ‘Open a Roots Magic 8 file’, ‘Browse for File’, (navigate to the folder with my .rmtree file and select it).


Go to Settings and check the box for “Open Last Closed File”. Then when you double click on the RM8 icon, RM8 will open the previously opened file.

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I don’t want the last .rmtree that was opened. I want the one I double-click on from Windows 10 Explorer. The way that every other Windows 10 app works. The way Roots Magic 7 works.

Right-click upon that *.rmtree file and select Open with…
Left-click the checkbox at the bottom of the dialog that reads Always use this app to open .rmtree files and then left-click OK. Now RM8 is assigned as default and will open them upon double-click.

Nope. RM8 is already the Windows 10 default app for all .rmtree files. RM8 opens to a home page, not the tree I double-click on from Windows Explorer.

On my Mac (Big Sur), you can’t set RM8 as the default app for an rmtree file, nor can select RM8 as an available app when using Open With. Seems like another issue to be resolved - will report.

Well, in working on a feedback to support, I’ve managed to prove that the above is INCORRECT. There is a subtlety that I had never noticed - or needed to notice before - that when offering the list of available applications, it only enables those that are ‘recommended applications’. This can be changed to ‘all applications’ and then RM8 is selectable. Then, having done that, RM8 is now in the ‘recommended applications’.

BUT THEN, double clicking on the rmtree file opens the file but then pops-up a panel saying the file couldn’t be opened because it cannot open a file of this type.

WELL, it doesn’t actually open the file I’ve double-clicked on - it opens the last file opened. WELL, actually it doesn’t - it just keeps opening a particular file even though it isn’t the last one that was opened and then closed.

So, more experimentation required - but this area is a mess, certainly on the Mac.

I have the same problem; Slow opening and I think the problem is the OPENING window page. It’s trying to load to much information. I call it eye candy. Your right. It shouldn’t be the opening page. They should allow you to customize the opening page. “EYE CANDY” and marketing ploy.

I’ve since realized that RM8’s Open last used database fooled me into thinking double-click worked. It did not. Just opened to home as you describe. Likely a Windows 10 conflict, though… in my guesstimation, Something about the registering of program components doesn’t seem right.

(yes, I know … this should be in a different thread, but anyway …)
Takes so long for the app to close compared to most other Windows 10 apps that I find myself silently counting the number of seconds it takes to close just to make sure I actually did click the ‘X’ close button!

I regret having started using v8. v7 was pretty good. V8 is a step backwards in usability with too many bugs that should have been fixed before it was released. The interface is not confusing to me because it is new to me; it’s just downright non-standard and awkward to navigate. Not enough ability for the user to customize the home screen or save report parameter customizations. I don’t like apps that force me to use my screen real estate for their ‘News’ section. Still takes me awhile to remember where the dang database tool menu is.

I agree that RM8 is much more difficult, and less intuitive, than RM7. I am seriously thinking of ditching RM8. Thankfully, at least I can export a Gedcom file from RM8, and import that into RM7.