Roots 7 searching all the computer all drives

With Roots 7 when I started up it would do a Whole computer search for all my roots files, but this does not happen with roots 8 is there a way to do this. roots 8 only seems to look for roots 8 files not, any roots 7 files. I have a number of files made with Roots 7 and would like open all .

RootsMagic 7 and RootsMagic 8 have different file extensions so I suppose RM 8 is only looking for files with a .rmtree extension. Are you sure that RM7 looks for files that have the file extension that was used prior to .rmgc? Was it .rm3 I can’t remember. Mention of Roots brings back memories of the Roots program that died many years ago!

Peter, did you upgrade to v 8.0.1? That upgrade made it easier to find the RM7 files to be imported. Now when I choose “Open a RM8 file” the search also finds the .rmgc file.

I have had RM8 for a week and am no nearer to transferring my RM7 to it. It now searches for the old format but crashes with a message to send back to the developers. Hopefully this will be sorted soon.

Hi @peter - I might be misunderstanding but did you know that when either importing a file from RM7, or opening an existing RM8 file, you can also use the “browse for file” option located at the bottom of each of these screens. This will then open Explorer and you can manually point the program to the file you’d like to open. Handy if the program is not identifying all of the files that you have and might want to open.

Thank you I will give that a try

Thank you I have not done that yet . I will give it a try after update.