"Find everywhere" Option

I was wondering if anyone knows if the “Find everywhere” option (Search>Find everywhere) from RootsMagic 7 is still available in RootsMagic 8. In RootsMagic 8 I have found the “More Options>Search and replace” option, but one needs to search a specific field (names, places notes, etc.) within this option; as opposed to searching everywhere.

Any input would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Go to the Search Tab. There are icons here for Person Search, Person Search (Advanced), WebSearch and Find Every Where.

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Thank you alainemk! I was really hoping that I was simply not finding this option, and - thankfully - that was the case. It’s an option I used often in RM7.

Hi Rob, the “find everywhere” option can also be accessed in the ribbon across the top of the program (it’s on the right next to the palette and the 3 dots menu - the search bar). It’s so handy having it across the top and I’ve been using it quite a bit! :slightly_smiling_face:


Jill, I kept looking at the software program trying to figure out exactly what you meant, and almost replied to this message asking for clarification…when I finally saw it. I can’t believe I had not noticed it before, let alone after you clearly directed me to it. LOL.

Thank you! It’s the one option I probably utilize the most in roots magic, and I’m happy that I was simply just not finding it previously. I guess I was just looking too hard for it.

LOL @Rob - glad you found it! My explanations are not always the best so I wouldn’t have been surprised if I needed to clarify! :smiley:

It’s so handy having the “find everywhere” function across the top of the program - and it runs so quick too considering all the data it’s got to chug through!

In RM7, my database has over 400K records, 2.5M citations, etc. – well, I guess that is a large database for Search Everywhere. In RM7 a Search Everywhere takes over 90 minutes. I haven’t tested it in RM8.