Tab frustration and search results

I have made this problem known to the programmers but I think we need to raise it in the community to generate more buzz.

The tab key in the “add person” template is driving me nuts. There should be no variation - the tab key takes you to the next line! Currently, the tab key jumps down the template and lands just anywhere it wants. I confess I watch the keyboard when I type so I often don’t see the problem in a time. Seems like an easy fix.

Will they restore search results to the RM7 results. I cannot tell you how much wrong information I have introduced because of the terrible search results!

Has anyone else mentioned that when you are in Manual Merge and choose “Select Duplicate Person”, the index will present the correct set of possible matches, BUT the Index view is “frozen” in order to scroll the index you MUST enter a search term which then takes you to the names and unlocks them. Very clunky

I am still getting way too many error messages and once I get 1, then they seem to come constantly until I close the application and re-open it. I’m glad there’s a seamless way for error reports to be generated but make it more seamless by NOT TELLING US and freezing our work.

I know I sound whiny but I spend 7-8 hours a day on RM8 so things build up and it would help if we knew the priorities of the programming updates.

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I think if you have watched the RM8 webinars, Bruce is quite proud of the ‘new’ search and implies it is a necessity to get searching for names with diacritics to function right. I wouldn’t hold my breathe for a change. You likely will end up looking like a Smurf.

I think I counted 4 issues in the one post under a subject listing two. Better to stick to one issue per subject.

The only surprise is that the release of RM8 was not advertised as a ‘public beta’.

As to tab operations, that is characteristic of RM development to not bother with sorting the field sequence sensibly until enough complaints have accumulated and bigger fires have been tamped down. I remember a similar issue in RM4.