RM 8 - Search idiosyncratic results

I’m a little frustrated with the way search results include so many results that are unnecessary.
Example: Pull up fact type list, start typing “ma” (for marriage), the results contain every fact type with “ma” embedded in the word so first in the list is “confirmation”!
“marriage” is the 4th type in the list.
I have never search returns like this and it seems to happen on ALL the search functions: fact type, person search, source
It is very disconcerting and I have chosen wrong fact types, because it is so different from RM 7. I don’t mind typing a couple of letters to get the correct search result but these are nonsensical results.

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This “search all” similar strings of text as entered is considered an enhancement. Obviously it it not ideal. Possibly RM developers missed adding the “Starts with” or “contains” check boxes.


On the plus side, have you noticed that we can now change fact types? I’m guessing there are some conversions the system won’t let you do because the two fact types are too different from each other, but yesterday I noticed that I’d created a residence fact for someone and accidentally put their occupation in it, and in RM8 am now able to change Residence to Occupation!

You could change fact type in RM7 and earlier from the drop down edit menu. It is now more convenient except you still have to use the “crazy” search engine to find the new fact type. I find it more annoying in the person index to get so many results.

Ah, enhancements…. Another check box unless it is at the highest level (not for EACH search) will add a level of inconvenience. Thanks for giving it a name – “search all” – who requested that? That should only exist in the case of “search and replace” and it might be very dangerous.

OMG, I’ve been unnecessarily deleting and re-adding facts with the proper type in RM7 this whole time?!