Suppress Fact Types

In RM9, I would like to be able to suppress Fact Types I do not use. I find I often have to wade through the Fact Types to find the one I need. Alternatively, the Birth, Burial, Death, and Marriage Fact Types could be listed first in the Fact Types listing when inputting data.

Why are you wading through anything? Type the first letter or two and it skips you down to the appropriate place.

“Type the first letter or two and it skips you down to the appropriate place.”

Wish it were that easy. Type M and marriage is the 19th fact type in the list. Type Ma and marriage is the 4 fact type listed. It sure would be a lot easier if Birth, Death, Marriage, and Burial were listed first.

Be sure to customize your data entry screen for entering new people. Find and click the Customize button at the bottom of the Add Person screen. Add the fields to customize.

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That doesn’t solve the problem but thanks for the useful tip.

May I offer a slight variation to your Feature Request? Mechanisms to

  • mark ‘favorite’ fact types
  • tracking ‘most used’ fact types

Then you could have a system that would automatically surface fact types to they based on the criteria, with intentionally marked favorites surfaced at the time, followed by any other most used, followed by alpha sort for the rest.

That way, regardless of which fact types were your most desired, they’d always be at the top to minimize your ‘wading’.


…and I bet ‘mar’ will get you right to marriage. Beats ‘ma’ and 4 down arrows and cuts your keystrokes in half.

Rename the Fact Types you don’t use by putting a ‘x’ in front of the name. This will send them to the bottom of the list.

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Apparently, you can’t rename the default Fact Types

RM9 allows you to type a quote to begin an exact search. Type "m and marriage is first on the list.

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I can never understand why people appear to be in so much of a hurry. If I am entering a marriage I am quite often also Googling the place, checking out the church details, perhaps downloading a photo of the church, looking at the location on OpenStreet Map, Geocoding the location, checking out the witnesses etc. etc. Much the same for a baptism or burial. Typing ‘Mar’ doesn’t seem much of a deal in the big picture. I can often spend half an hour on a marriage entry. Surely that’s what all this is about - not just making entries as fast as possible? I want to know more about the people - that’s why I also do not understand people who just download large chunks of data from the likes of Family Search.


I can think of a use case in which data entry efficiency and speed would be paramount considerations: transcribing from a printed document such as a family history or from census or other records of multiple people for the purpose of one-name or statistical study.

… clutching at straws methinks! Typing Mar isn’t going to big deal in that scenario either

What I have discovered in regards to the Fact Types is that most of these listed facts are coming from elsewhere like Family Search. I have found the "death of such & such individual the child of… a multitude of times, same person as many as 30 times or more, or something similiar. These are not even facts that should in this list. It would be nice if we could actually create our own Fact Types screen, where everything that is in it is in the way that we want them. I have been known to delete some of the facts because they just don’t make sense at all, at least not to me.
Sure you can add your own facts, but unless you can put them in, in such away that they stay at t he top they get pushed down into oblivion, and pressing one or two letters doesn’t help either because there are a multitude of others in there.
Sometimes there are three or four different versions of what you are looking to use and you end up choosing the wrong one not realizing that it wasn’t the one you used previously. This isn’t a problem that is just from RM9 this has been on going.

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