Favourite Facts

It would be great to be able to mark facts as favourites in a similar manner to being being able to flag existing sources. I find that there are a significant number of ‘factory set’ facts such as those to do with particular religions, the LDS and similar which I am highly unlikely to use and which clog up the fact type list, slowing data entry. If I try to delete these facts I get a message stating “Built-in fact types can’t be deleted”.

Has anyone any suggestions for hiding these unwanted facts types, renaming them so that they can sit at the bottom of the list or otherwise getting them out of the way?

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If you go to “Settings” in the left-hand menu bar, the last item on the resulting toolbar gives you the chance to select or deselect LDS options. Hope this helps!

Many thanks for the tip - yes I had discovered that one but you have given me a useful reminder. I can live with the current fact type list but it would be nice to only see the ones I need.

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