Fact Types - multiplying like bunnies!

I’ve created a few Fact Types, but I notice that they don’t seem to update/show up once I’ve made them. Sometimes, it refreshes and I’m good to go. Other times I have to close the RM file and open it back up to have the Fact Type show up in the list.

But the bigger issue is that because of the refresh/reload issue,I’ve noticed that my Fact Types end up duplicating (sort of). For instance, the one I made last night will show up today even though it was deleted, and then the one I just created today will also show up - with the same name but different sentence template.

I’ve tried renaming them to the same name in hopes of one wiping out the others, but that just creates more duplicates that show up a day or so later.

For this reason, I’l like to see a merge feature for the fact types like we have for sources, or else a way to do an immediate refresh/reload without having to shut RM down maybe – so that the next time I open RM, I don’t have 20 fact type duplicates to review/delete. Or do you have a suggestion I can try?

I haven’t seen this behavior before. Make sure to run the database tools under File, Tools. Another thing to check is that you don’t have the database inside of any folder syncing to the cloud like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. When you close a database make sure to open the database from inside RM and not by clicking on a file outside of the program.

Create a new database and Drag & Drop into that and see if it fixes it.

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