Copying Fact Type and Role Customizations From One RM8 Database to Another

I don’t think this issue is really new with RM8 and It has been mentioned before. But I just want to be sure that is submitted as a Feature Request. Namely, there does not seem to be any way to copy Fact Type customizations and Role customizations from one RM8 database to another RM8 database when the Fact Type in question already exists in the target database.

Unless I’m missing something, that means that the only way to get these kinds of customizations from one database into another is to enter them manually into the target database. That means that even with a new and empty database, it’s not possible to get customizations for Fact Types and Roles for any built-in Fact Types into the new database in any way other than SQLite or manual data entry.

By definition, all of RM’s built-in fact types will already exist in any target database. But it’s also possible that user defined fact types will already exist in a particular target database.

I have tried both File =>Import =>Lists=>Fact Types and dragging and dropping a person with the needed Fact Type and Role customizations to the target database. The results are subtly different. If the Fact Type already exists in the target database, then neither technique seems to import any Fact Type or Role customizations. if the Fact Type does not already exist in the target database, File =>Import =>Lists=>Fact Types will import the Fact Type but not the Roles. Drag and Drop will import both.

An obvious concern with this particular feature request is that there is a valid need to protect an existing database from casual and unintended changes to the Fact Type list due to a casual import or drag and drop operation. I will leave the details of how that might work to the developers and I will acknowledge that it’s not a trivial problem. But I still think it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.