Importing Fact types from another RM8 database

I have an RM7 database which includes a Baptism fact type that I updated by adding additional roles for the Baptism fact. I have converted this database into an RM8 database (lets call this database “Fred”) and all looks good - the modified Baptism fact is there along with the additional roles.

I then created a new empty RM8 database, and imported Fact Types from “Fred” using the Import Lists function. However this new database does not include the additional roles for the Baptism fact. How do I import the additional roles and role sentences?

TIA … John.

Have you tried creating a temp person in “Fred” and giving this person all the modified Facts that you want in the new database and dragging and dropping this temp person across? You can then delete the temp person in both databases. Not sure if this will work but worth a try if there isn’t another way

That’s how we did it before the Import Lists feature was added.

Try the same thing in RM7 to see if it carried the roles over. If it does, file a bug report. If not, make an enhancement request.

I followed TomH’s suggestion: I created a Temp person in “Fred” using the baptism fact with some of my new roles, then did a drag/drop of this Temp person from Fred to the empty database. The Temp person arrived in the empty database complete with the new roles used in Fred. However the new baptism roles that were not used by Temp in Fred did not come across to the empty database’s baptism fact type - just the new roles that were used in the baptism of the Temp person. This is a bit limiting but understandable at some level.

However the List Import function does not bring across any of the new roles defined in the source database. That to me is a bug.

It gets worse. It appears that the List Import function only brings across the sentence templates for the Principal and Witness roles. I had created a new non-standard fact type that had sentence templates for roles of Principal and Relative, and the List Import function only brought across the sentence template for Principal.