Fact Type Display Issue - Bug

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue in RM8?

Essentially, I will enter a fact (in the example below it was a baptism, but this issue has occurred with many different facts: burial, residence, and custom designed facts).

The date, place and place details are entered against the fact, and the fact is then saved (using the tick mark).

However, the fact only displays the date in the person’s timeline. The other details such as fact type, and place / place details do not display (I have not yet entered the citation and attached media and will not do so as I don’t want to risk the database. I will delete this fact once all the screenshots are taken and the fault log is sent).

The other unusual issue is that if I click away from this fact and go to another (say the parent’s fact), that is the fact type name that will display in the upper right on this “bogus” fact. If I click in the birth fact, the “bogus” fact will then show it is a birth fact. It never (as far as I have observed), displays the name of the actual fact that it was entered as (in this instance a baptism).

Please refer to the screenshots below.

This anomaly has only just started in the last 2 days and has happened maybe a dozen times, and I’m a little concerned it could mean corruption. I’ve ran the database tools (do so at the start of each session) and all is good. I’ve been using RM8 as my production database for 9 days now (cut over with a new computer so I don’t think it is a computer issue - using Windows 11 Home 21H2 and RM

I also experienced this same issue during the Beta testing (with build using Windows 10 Home) and reported it on 4 Feb 2021, but apart from it occurring in the last few days have not seen this issue in the last year.

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour in RM8? Or could you suggest a reason why this might be occurring and how I can prevent it.

I have never seen this problem and I don’t have an explanation.

I think I have seen a report of Access Violation Errors if you don’t click the tick mark to Save, but you are doing a Save and you are not getting Access Violation Errors. Even so, something obviously is not being saved or updated in a timely fashion. I hope that the developers can find the error and fix it based on your error reporting.

Thanks Jerry - I’ll keep an eye on what I’m doing and see if I can provide the developers with more information that might assist with troubleshooting. And I’ll post any update here too! Thanks once again :slight_smile:

I have had a similar experience on a few occasions and have solved it by deleting and backing out. I have not figured out what sequence of events has caused the problem and have not been able to reproduce it to report it. Rest assured is it not your imagination!

Thanks DAE :blush: If I have any brainwaves on a potential cause etc I’ll let you know so we can compare notes!

I think I might have found the issue!

I was just processing an 1841 England census record and now have a fact with just a date (refer to the screenshot below).

However, when entering the Census fact, I noticed that after filtering the fact types to bring up the census fact, rather than stopping and selecting OK, I simply hit enter (as the census fact is at the top of the list and already highlighted). I think hitting enter is an ingrained habit from RM7 where this action would legitimately select a record.


I think it is this action – hitting enter rather than selecting OK – that is causing the abnormality that we are seeing with the display of the fact.

@DAE – I’m wondering, seeing as you have also experienced this fact type behaviour, if you also think this might be the cause. It would be great to provide the developers with something tangible to work with.

Jill, Your screen grab certainly captures the problem as I have experienced it. Despite multiple attempts and variations, I cannot replicate the problem in the manner you describe which is frustrating. I suspect you are correct in that it probably has to do with the enter key as I am new to RM having come from TMG where the enter key tended to save and execute and there was less requirement to first save something and then close out of it. I find I am constantly hitting enter to accept things rather than navigating to the neat little tick!
I will keep trying and will certainly let you know if I have any joy!

I still cannot replicate the problem. I always use the enter key to enter a new fact from RM8’ Edit Person screen. It’s hard to know for sure, but my guess is that the trigger to the problem is something other than the enter key. Since the problem seems so random, it may be that this is a time when you used the enter key rather than clicking OK and the bad random thing happened. The bad random thing might also have happened if you had clicked OK instead. It’s very hard to know.

I do note in passing that there are a number of places in RM where the enter key does not serve to select an item from a list and you have to click the OK. It’s very disruptive when the enter key doesn’t work. I have just been typing to filter down to my selection and it’s very disruptive to my workflow and thought process to have to abandon the keyboard and grab the mouse just to make the selection. Fortunately, the Edit Person screen doesn’t have this problem when adding facts. Except that it has this other problem.

Thanks so much gentlemen and Jerry I think your appraisal is correct! This morning I have deliberately used the enter key to select a fact (rather than clicking OK) and the fact is viewing correctly and otherwise appears to be “behaving” as it should. I’ve done this three times and all good.

I have also heard back from Renee and she wondered if I might have a blank fact type in the fact type listing but that doesn’t appear to be the case. She could not replicate the issue either.

Apart from this little snag I’ve not had any other issues with RM8 and am enjoying the ease of navigation, the updated tasks functionality, and the ability to reuse citations (what a bonus that is!)

I’ll keep you posted if I come up with any other ideas regarding the fact type issue! And thanks once again for taking the time out to look into this issue – it’s much appreciated!

If you are having “Access Violation” Errors it drops the information. I get it all of the time. I have a problem when adding a child. The child is added to the database but not linked to the parent. On iMac. Just updated to 8.1.6