Mysterious Witnesses


Hi! First time on the forum. I’m using the latest version of RM8 and have been using RM8 since shortly after it came out. Just in the last few days however, when entering a fact sometimes these mysterious extra “witnesses” lines appear. Am I missing something obvious? The “Death” fact example shown hasn’t been shared with anyone. It has happened with a couple of other fact types too including “Residence”. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

Very strange, have you put in a support ticket? or go to Help and click the Need Help, chat now button in the lower right corner.

Can you post a screen shot of your mysterious witnesses.

Not sure if this will work but here’s the full window…

The screen shot came through loud and clear. Could you repeat it with the Death fact highlighted?

Sure… The heavier box is the main Death Fact, the two lines below (lighter box) are the “mysterious witnesses”:

By highlight, I mean that you need to click on the main death fact in RM8 before taking the screen shot. I was wanting to see the right hand panel for the main Death fact. The right hand panel that is showing now is for the Person, not for the Death fact.

Ah- my apologies! :woozy_face:

It really looks like a bug that needs to be reported via The only other explanation I can think of is that you have two Elizabeth Horrock’s in your database, both of whom have a Death date of Jan 1943 - Mar 1943, and one of whose Death facts is shared with the other. The chances of that strange circumstance seem vanishingly small.

Thanks Jerry, I’ll report it as suggested. I’ve just double-checked my database and I’ve only got the one Horrocks. All the best, Mike

I had a very quick response from Renee at RM support.

She instructed me to restart RM and then immediately run all four of the Database Tools (File > Tools >…) then try adding a new fact.

After running the Tools (no errors were reported) the existing “mysterious witnesses” disappeared and when I added a new fact to a couple of different people no new “mysterious witnesses” appeared either. :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel a bit foolish - it never occurred to me to run the Database Tools to see if that would solve the issue. Perhaps there was a phantom (duplicate) record in there somewhere…?

I feel pretty foolish as well not suggesting to run the Database Tools. I run the Database Tools on a regular basis myself, but I had never seen phantom witnesses before - phantoms of other types, but not phantom witnesses. RM has a database table called WitnessTable, and the phantoms had to have been in that table.