Where is all my census info hiding in RM8?

Just upgraded to 8 from 7, looks way complicated, can’t find all my census info!

What type of census data are you referencing? census events, census citations, census images. More information would help understand your issue.

All of my census info from RM7, it used to be listed in date order along with all other events inside each persons record, now it’s not there, where is it now?

When I imported my RM7 database into RM8, all my previous facts and their sources appeared on the RM8 person page, just as I expected them to. Did you perhaps inadvertently exclude certain fact types when you did the import?

You should have the same 3 census events displayed in RM8. Click on People. Double click on the same person, Then click on the fact that should display the Census data to the right of the fact list.

Here are some things to check:

  1. If the census data is still not showing, in the PEOPLE view click on the three vertical dots in top right corner (next to the tools icon), then click on Fact Type List. You should see the census fact type listed as one of your fact types. Make sure the boxes on “Include with” are checked where you want the data to be included. Also check on the RM7 fact type list to see if these options were checked prior to your import to RM8. Not sure it this impacted your import but check it to make sure the boxes are marked.
  2. If the census data is still not showing, on the EDIT PERSON view, click on the three vertical dots in the right top corner, select OPTIONS and check to make sure the display options are set to be displayed and with facts sorted by date.
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Panic over, yes, I can see it all, sorry for the bother, I tend to panic first, ask questions later!

The RM8 import from RM7 does not have any options for excluding certain fact types.

Correct. The RM8 import feature does not have a fact exclusion feature. However, the RM7 GEDCOM export feature can exclude specified fact types based upon the Fact Type List settings so a later GEDCOM import might specified Fact Types. I was not sure how the writer’s export/import was done between RM7 and RM8.