Narrative report information

when a narrative report is generated, under each person it lists all information, birthdate, birthplace, same for death,

Why does it not list information for marriages? Or what am I missing or doing wrong?

Also, is there a way to turn off all of the information listed from the census? I would like a simple narrative report with B/M/D info for the families. All of the other info, where lived in 1900,1910,9120, etc. make it look to cluttered. Or is there a different report I should use? I like the look and feel of the narrative report I just do not want all of the census info on it.
Thank you for any help,

First, it would be very helpful to know if you are using RM8 or RM7. I am assuming RM8 for my answers.

As for the narrative report, specifically which report are you working with? This is determined by looking at the ‘Report type’ option as seen in the image attached. In my example, you will see Henry Funk and his wife, with all of Henry’s facts first, then at the very end will be the marriage info. However what you we will vary depending on your chosen ‘Report type’.

As for suppressing various facts, you can do that by editing the Fact Types. Click the little palette icon in the top right corner, next to the ‘Find everywhere’ box. Type the word Fact into the ‘Command Palette’ window and you should get only one result, select it. This will open a ‘Fact Types’ window. Choose your fact from the list and click the ‘Edit’ button. This will open the ‘Edit Fact Type’ window. In the bottom left will be some options where to include items. Uncheck the ‘Narrative reports’ option.
Narrative report option:

Sample narrative report:

Edit Fact Type:

Sorry, I am using RM7

Lists>Fact Type>Select fact>Edit Button>Uncheck “Narrative Report”

I tried that and it still shows all census info,

I am not sure how to show a screenshot to help

I disabled census and census(family).
Would it be considered a different fact type?

Hello all,
Thank you BobC, I disabled the Residence and Residence(family) tab and it removed the information.

Again thank you for the help

I believe Ancestry uses Census to populate the Residence fact, so if you imported information from Ancestry, that could explain that, or at some point you decided to use the census for but enter it as a residence. There is no right and wrong way to do it, but lots of strong opinions on it.

As for the marriage information, it is still very similar in RM7 as to where it prints.

You have already resolved the census issue. Basically, you have to turn off and on the fact types that are actually in use. Ancestry does in fact populate census data into a Residence fact so that’s the one you have to turn off rather than the Census fact. If you were entering the census data yourself rather than having Ancestry do it for you, and if you were using the Census fact rather than the Residence fact, then the Census fact would be the one you would need to turn off.

On the question about the Marriage fact, there are two types of Narrative reports - Narrative reports starting with one person and going back through their ancestors or Narrative reports starting with one person and going down through their descendants. I’m not sure which type you are using, but most of the concepts are the same either way.

When a narrative report lists the information for a person, it organizes the information for that person and their family into four “sections”. You might quibble about the term “sections” and there is nothing official about the term, but it’s the best way I know to describe what’s going on. The four “sections” are as follows.

  1. Facts about the first spouse such as their Birth, Death, and Burial and not including Marriage or Divorce.
  2. Facts about the couple as a whole such as Marriage and Divorce.
  3. Facts about the second spouse such as their Birth, Death, and Burial and not including Marriage or Divorce.
  4. A list of the couple’s children.

There are some options, such as that the list of children is always there for Descendant Narrative reports and that the list of children is an option for Ancestral Narrative reports. The first generation always shows all four “sections” of data for Descendant Narrative reports and the first generation only shows the first “section” of data for Ancestral Narrative Reports.

What you are really asking about for Marriage is that Marriage appears only in the second “section” of the report and not in the first and third “sections”. That is the way narrative report work. They show facts which are for the couple in the couple “section” of the report and not in the individual “sections” of the report.