Narrative Report

How can I get the report to show if a person has more than one marriage and the children for each marriage in the different generations?

In the settings for the narrative report experiment with the different Report Types (3rd line down). some of those may do what you want.

Thank you Ron and I tried all of them and none include the multiple marriages and children listed. Is there some other way?


This is what works for me. I include notes in my Residence facts that include information on other wives and children such as information from census records. Use the report option “new paragraph after facts with notes” to emphasize the information. The family I want included in the Narrative Report are those ancestors directly related to the descendant I’m tracking. I am sure there are exceptions but this generally works for me.

Strange. I ran the narrative report with option “Report Type: Outline indented” on one of my ancestors who married twice; had several children from his first marriage and just my father from his second marriage. That showed his first wife, named each of his children, gave a brief narrative of each including details their husbands, then did the same for his second wife.

Perhaps I’ve mis-understood your need.

If it is for just a simple list of each of the involved people then sorry; I am at a loss as to how to proceed at this time.

OK I tried that again and even though I have more than 10 generations indicated the report only gave me as the first and was 3 pages long. My other narrative that I run that doesn’t list the multiple marriages is over 20 pages. So I must still have something not set right. The multiple marriages and children are in the 2nd and 3rd gens but only one spouse shows and only the children with that spouse print. I show in my tree the other spouses and children but they do not print in the narrative.


Heres a screen capture of the settings I used.

William James was by grandfather.

Will it do that if you start with yourself?


It seems to me that this report will only give the descendants of the person who was selected on the PEOPLE page before going to PUBLISH.
If you have yourself selected on the PEOPLE page it will give your descendants.
To get ten generations you would probably need to have an ancestor ten generations back selected on the PEOPLE page before going to publish.

Ron, I think that was the issue I went way back and it did pick up everyone in that line. So thank you.


Good to know you achieved what you wanted.