Narrative report question?

Maybe I am using the wrong report style, or i am not using the correct options.
I am using RM7

I like the look and style of the narrative report. When i generate a narrative report in only lists the ancestor and the children. Is there a way to list the information for the children? any their children? and their children? Or is there a different report that i should use? I tried looking at other reports but was unable to find one.

John and mary had following children
i. tom
ii. Jill

I would like the information for tom and jills family listed with spouses and children, and the information on the spouses and children of them.

Thank you for any guidance and help,

I think i am looking for something comparable to the clean look and easy to follow design of the Descendant printout that FTM had from 2014. I found an old copy of a report in my records.
Something like the Ahnenetafel report on RM7 but with more family information.

Without seeing things, it is somewhat confusing as to what you have. When you generate a narrative report, you have an option to select either Ancestors or Descendants. If you are not getting kids for Tom and Jill, you may have the number of generations set way too low.

Thank you for the reply,
I now understand, or did not realize there were two options under the narrative report, one for ancestor and one for descendant. Now i see i have a problem with many of the people listed, are listed twice, not all of them just random families.
Tom and mary have the following children:
23 i. bob born 1950
24 ii. jan born 1952
25 iii. jan born 1952

I am going to try and delete the tree and reload it from

Is there a way to show all relatives in the narrative report for ancestor the same way that the descendant report does? I mean listing all children like the descendant report does? I will include screenshots below

This is what the ancestor narrative report shows

Is there a way to get the same information about the children on the descendant report on the ancestor report? I guess the end result is I want to print one report with all family information for one person in the ancestor narrative layout, instead of printing several separate reports from each family line ( 16 grandparent families ) for one person.

This is what the Descendant narrative report shows

The Ancestors Only narrative report does not include children. That’s the way it works.
What you need is the Ancestors and Children narrative report. In RM7, there is a button to pick which of the two reports you need.

Thanks,that option only includes ancestor and children, I would like to include the families of the children and their families and children

Sorry, bu that is not the way the report was designed to function. You need to use some form of descendant report to get all of what you want.