Unable to prepare a Descendant Narrative Report

I am unable to prepare a Descendant Narrative Report - can only do Ancestors of a person. Have tried all Report Type versions. No matter what the setting regarding number of generations - the only report that appears is just the designated person’s generation - NO descendants appear. In fact most of the time an attempt to do an Ancestor or Ancestor and Children Narrative Report results in a frozen RM8.
Any ideas?

That’s interesting. The kind of report you are describing is one that I run multiple times every day. I choose NEHGS (Register) format with an appropriate number of generations, and I have never hard it fail. There are some formatting problems, but the report always runs. Have you tried that one?

On the Narrative Report settings click on Report Type and a drop down list will appears. The first two are ancestor narratives. The remaining five are all descendant narratives.

Yes, that’s exactly what I was doing. RM8 would freeze or print nothing. Closed the program. Tried with fewer generations - finally did get a Descendants report.
Had to wait a considerable time for it to generate. However, could find no way to eliminate the Index - neither the persons nor the locations. RM7 would let you eliminate that.

Indexes are under References in the Narrative Report settings. Click on the button and then select format, No Name Index and No Place Index. Under Sources see if changing to Endnotes makes any difference in the report generating. Otherwise, go to File, Tools and run all the Database Tools to see if that helps.

Thanks so much - some of the menu options just seem very obscure & no down arrows to indicate when there are options. Finally got the report I wanted!