Narrative Report from a decendant perspective than an ancestral one

Is there a way to get the Narrative report to start with the first generation I have discovered rather than myself. I.e. if I put the 5th Great Grandfather as the staring person, I get a report only for him. However, if I use myself as the starting person, the reports starts with me and works all the back to my 5th Great Grandfather. I would like to use my 5th Great Grandfather as the starting person and have the report work it’s way down to me and my siblings.

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Can’t you accomplish this by changing start person? not sure if I am misunderstanding what you mean


You have to change the “Report Type”. Any of the 5 last reports will do what you want, just changes in format.


As BobC said, any of the last five report options under Narrative reports are Descendant Narrative reports. The word “Descendant” doesn’t appear, but they are still Descendant Narrative reports.

Here is another NOT user-friendly issue. On the Report type line there should have been a “v” indicating options.

In my opinion, the right pointing chevrons at the right end of boxes are very inconsistent as to what they mean. Sometimes they mean options, and sometimes they mean something else entirely. And sometimes they are missing and there is no obvious indication that a box is supposed to be clickable.

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Thanks everyone. I thought I had tried changing the report type but I either didn’t do it correctly or didn’t realize it had changed the order.