Deletes fact information

I add a fact. After adding all information, I hit the check tab. Hitting the check tab results in all information I added is deleted. It is getting to be a daily event having to repeat the information. I also continue to send error reports when I try to close RM8.

Mac or Windows?

I cannot replicate the problem. When I add a fact and then click the Check icon, I am still in the Edit Person screen and I can see the new fact immediately. If I exit the Edit Person screen and then go back into the Edit Person screen, the new fact is still there. It shouldn’t matter, but I am on Windows.

When exactly is your new fact being deleted? Is it after you click the Check icon and before you exit the Edit Person screen. Or is it after you have exited the Edit Person screen and then go back into the Edit Person screen?

Is it possible that your new fact is scrolled off the bottom of the Edit Person screen, so that it’s really there but you have to scroll down to see it?

It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. Never had the problem with RM7 just 8. At first I just ignored it but now it is happening more often. I use Windows 11. I do it exactly the same all the time. Add a fact and enter the information. The click the check mark and bang, the information I entered is deleted or should I same wiped out. Its like adding a child. One way no mother the other way with a mother. Now why is that so difficult. It is like that to pacify all the “I want this added hints”.

I’d suspect some outside interference such as an antivirus other than Windows Defender or needing to allow RootsMagic to access controlled folders Allow an app to access controlled folders (

I’ve never seen any reports on clicking on Save (check) and things disappearing. Go to File, Tools and run the Database Tools. Also make sure you don’t have the database inside of any folder syncing to the cloud, like OneDrive, Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

I don’t sync with the cloud. All my backups I manually upload. I definitely use tools. It happens everyday without fail. Also when I use the x to close the screen goes blank entries. Everybody just disappears. Sorry but this is what happens. I don’t make it up.

On the virus. The answer is a big nope.

Are you able to make a video of what happens?

No. It just happens in the blink of an eye. Twice today. My personal opinion is the programmer tried to do to much. I don’t blame them but I have seen this happen before with other programs. I am sticking with Rm till my dying day. Sooner or later they will figure out the problem or else go like the master genealogist and the dodo bird. You have to e member that most old timers didn’t start out life with a computer. We used index cards and plenty of number two pencils.

We’d need to be able to reproduce this. Watch if you have a sequence that can recreate it each time.

I do not click the check mark until after all information needed for the fact has been entered.

Here is the sequence. Add a fact. Date, Place, Proven, Primary the hit check. All deleted. Just happened. Another issue just happened twice. Close screen with X. Right side goes blank, screen freezes.
OK just a question. What is the purpose of Citation quality with direct, I don’t know etc. It is not a gedcom issue/tag. So tell me what purpose does it serve. Could we just delete that item. Where does it describe the purpose. In a book?

That is definitely not normal behavior. Look at the top of the program and see if the file says “Read-only”. When the database is locked, like when using Shareable Drive, it will look like you can add data but erase it as soon as you try to save it. Though I haven’t seen it go blank and the screen freeze. Is RM installed on your C drive inside the Program Files (x86) folder? I would recommend it being uninstalled and reinstalled to rule out you haven’t changed things since originally installed. Then run the Database Tools under File, Tools on it.

Information on Citation Quality - Citation Quality - RootsMagic Wiki

I use only 1 computer. I do not alter it. It was a clean install to Windows 11. I was thinking of doing another clean install. it could of been corrupted.

I did a reload. It appears that we were on the same wave length. I though about it yesterday. The rm8 must of been corrupted. So far so good. Just one pet peeve. I like double screen like in 7. I miss it very much.

Well I spoke to soon. It started freezing up and wiping the screen on right side clean when I tried to close RM8 using the red X.

Do you have OneDrive on your computer? I’ve seen that make parts of the screen disappear.

I do. Anything I upload is done manually. I copy and past my database. They are not in sync. I don’t trust sync. It just introduces a new set of problems. I will say the family side goes blank when I hit the X. I did notice that when I enter an individual I have to be careful. After entering the given name and hit enter Rm skips a few lines. I have to be careful on that.