Why do my databases suddenly disappear?

Probably a Windows issue BUT the only program that this happens with is RootsMagic–in RM 9, I will open the 1st database-- everything is fine, then I open the 2nd database and it starts to open then it closes down RM9 completely–so I have to try again-- happens a lot which makes it annoying-- when I check the recently opened list right after this happens, it does NOT show that either database was opened even though the 1st one was completely opened…

This actually started in RM 8 after an update BUT in RM 8, BOTH databases would be open for a while-- I was working in both off and on— then suddenly with no warning, RM 8 would completely shut down on it’s own…
Most of the time in RM 9 now , it happens when I first try to open the 2nd database BUT did see last week where it happened after both databases had been opened for a while…
Can’t do a screen shot-- running Windows 11 RM 9 version CPU is currently at 1-3% with 2 databases and a couple of other items open-- RAM is okay–so anyone else experiences this or is there something I can do to make it stop? It doesn’t hurt the files-- just very annoying…

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Where is your database stored? Is it inside of any folders syncing with the cloud like OneDrive, GoogleDrive or Dropbox?

Stored on the computer only-- do NOT synch to any cloud service

1st question – how are you opening your RM databases ? with RM? or outside of RM? (from windows file explorer)
What folder structure do you store your RM databases in?

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I open my database with RM-- never Windows file explorer-- once in the database, I usually use OPEN A RM FILE but sometimes use OPEN RECENT FILES on left for the 1st one…
all my RM files are stored in documents ( same set-up used for RM 7, Rm 8 and Family Tree when I used that-- all separate folders for 7, 8 and 9)

I will also note that this problem of the database closing on it’s own is quite random-- might happen tomorrow then not again for 4 days–skip again for a while and then happen 3 days in a row-- no Rhyme or Reason…

so only the database closes? not the RM program itself?
I think F5 might switch databases and there could be other keyboard shortcuts (not sure if that is what happening)


No–sorry Kevin-- the RM program itself shuts down also–all completely gone and I don’t use any of the F shortcuts, Ctrl, Alt etc ever

Two separate databases you are trying to open and not the same database twice?

2 different databases-- and just one version of each

Not sure what is causing you program not crash (not database close)
If the program does crash it would likely lose the current recent files etc. (that part would explain that piece). I not recall the program crashing with RM 9. I did see that happen a couple times in the Maybe in early versions of RM 8. as @rzamor1 mentioned if the database file (or folder) is syncing to any cloud service that can cause issues. Not sure if you can try on a different laptop etc. Your database files do not appeared to be not stored in the program directory. You can check this under the file tab. Note: I have I different setup with my OneDrive so I do not experience issues (but this is discouraged by RM) I just wanted you to be able to check the location of the current file.

Unfortunately I can NOT try it on another laptop-- and no my database file /folder is NOT stored in the program files BUT rather the document folder.
It MIGHT be that RM is crashing in these cases BUT I don’t lose anything as I haven’t done anything yet except try to open them-- BUT even in RM 8
where I had been working in the files for a while before closing down on it’s own, I never lost anything…
I swore my very 1st computer ( long time ago) was possessed by ghosts as had to do a full recovery with two weeks of buying it and did 6 full recoveries in less than 2 months-.Guess the Gremlins and Ghosts in my computer are just having fun :rofl:

My first guess it has to do with your computer (difficult to know if hardware or software/driver related). assuming you have run all database tools with no errors, You could send your database to RM team to evaluate if anything odd. What other programs (if any) are running while you are using RM (and at time of ‘crash’ if known)?

Download and temporarily install RootsMagic Essentials to a folder C:\Essentials then copy a couple non-cooperating databases to C:\Essentials. Try operations and compare.

Open a support ticket with a backup of both databases and we will test them.

From a little research, the path you have in your RM Settings could well be to the OneDrive folder. Using Windows File Manager, right-click on the Documents folder and check what its path is. It may well read c:\users\vanke\onedrive\Documents. That is an alias for c:\users\vanke\Documents, If so, open your OneDrive settings, in “Backup - Manage Backups”, uncheck “Documents”.

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Thanks @kevync1985 Other programs are normally email client and one of 5 browsers — sometimes maybe other programs BUT a lot of times just these 2-- I will note that I never had this problem in RM 7-- just in RM 8 after a few updates and RM 9-- seems like it happens more often in RM 9 then RM 8 BUT NOT sure…

Thanks @kbens0n --will try this in a few days when I have more time after doing taxes

@rzamor1 Thanks for the help and I will consider your suggestion–probably when I have more time-- Sorry to say–it’s just that my previous experiences with support have NOT been very good and has taken a long time to solve ( after having someone hire up look at it)— I will also say that it does NOT happen on just 2 specific databases-- it can happen on any 2 of my 18 different databases-- BUT normally I am just using 2 of 5 on a regular basis…

@TomH Thanks for the help-- I think what you are asking for is this path on documents–
Dell being the computer and vanke being the name of the computer-- I am NOT logged into a Dell account and I do NOT log into the Microsoft account at all as hubby’s computer and mine ( 2 separate computers) share the same account on Microsoft and it causes problems like changing my mouse setting to left click even though we both have right click set…
I also at some point either PERMANENTLY DISABLED or REMOVED ( hid) One drive and a few other programs – if I signed into Microsoft or Microsoft Office ( don’t have), it would probably come back BUT have no interest in them…

Your reply raises more questions than it provides answers. I’ve no understanding why you would suggest that I must be asking about a path that has a folder named “Dell” in it. No I was not.

And it sounds like you have not done what I asked seemingly from your certainty that OneDrive cannot be involved. You seem to equate “hiding” OneDrive with removing it. Not so, even if it is possible to hide it. Maybe it is still present and actively doing its thing.

And “vanke” is most certainly the user name because it appears under “C:\Users”; it may also be the computer name but the two are independent and it is only the user name that is relevant to this discussion. To see that path, you most certainly have to be logged into Windows, but not necessarily into your Microsoft Account.

That you share a Microsoft account with hubby raises more questions and alarms as you’ve already experienced orher issues as a result of synchronisation among devices on the same account. Maybe some level of that is still going on. Even though you ate logging into your computer with a pin code, it may be set up to log into Microsoft. Better that you and he would share a Family account, each having your own email address so that there is no synchronization among your separate devices.