Why do my databases suddenly disappear?

I’m not following why you have Dell for the computer in that pathname location either. Something so very odd with your setup.

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Because I’m an idiot and not as tech savvy as most of you ! I was also surprised it said Dell- I honestly thought I did what Tom’s said BUT evidently errored somewhere ( and I have no idea now what I did copy)-- the correct path is
“C:\Users\vanke\Documents\Roots Magic 9”

the path for Documents is “C:\Users\vanke\Documents”-- hope that is what you wanted…

Don’t know if any of the following will answer your questions or comments BUT I can only tell you what I see on my computer …

One Drive-- yes you can hide/ delete or remove one drive from your computer-- don’t know which I did as it was 2 1/2 years ago…

As for the computer, I tried looking for One Drive BUT did NOT find it----I also did a search in the Start menu-- all of these showed up BUT each and everyone took me to a google search page

Finally found a web site that told me how to check for it on computer–
on the computer under One Drive the properties for Documents ( as well as all the others ) it says 0 files/ 0 folders/ 0 bytes-- Documents NOT Shared/ Net Work Path NOT Shared

and for just documents (outside of one drive) it shows the EXACT same thing Under properties as far as sharing and net work path as well as

Not sure if there is something else you want me to check…

As for the Microsoft account, I will talk to Microsoft and see what they have to say BUT must spend some quality time first doing taxes as Uncle Sam is NOT patient when he wants his money!!!

As I said in the beginning, it is probably a Windows thing BUT the only thing I don’t understand is WHY it NEVER happened on RM 7 and the 1st few versions of RM 8 and does happen in the later versions of RM 8 and RM 9 using the same computer–antivirus etc— no biggie though…
Thanks for everybody’s help…

There is a small chance that, even without OneDrive, sharing the account causes problems like the one with your mouse. I had a similar problem between a desktop with a US keyboard, and a laptop designed for the UK, with a pound sign, where Microsoft thought that it was a good idea to apply US keyboard settings to both, which it isn’t.

And like Tom wrote, what looks like a simple local Documents folder may not actually be one. And even a virus scanner may get in the way, if it thinks that some ‘unauthorized’ software is accessing your files. Windows can do that by itself too, if you have allowed it to protect your document folders against unwanted changes by ransomware.

What antivirus do you have installed?

Thanks for the idea --I already knew that any anti-virus could cause problems in some cases BUT that is not the case in this situation…

But appreciate the input…

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OK, thanks for the feedback. The whole thing looks pretty weird, but luckily the files don’t really disappear, is that right? It’s just that RM shuts down unexpectedly, and doesn’t remember that it had opened the file, so it doesn’t show in the recent files list.

This leaves me with the idea that there is something odd in your documents folder, and maybe that’s something that RM 8 and 9 are more sensitive to, because they’re technically different from RM 7 and previous versions.

And if that is the case, it may help to create another folder in another place on your disk, like C:\rm-trees, or D:\rm-trees, if you have a D drive, and put your trees there. And I suggest that, because it may be a way to avoid the gremlins that haunt you in the standard documents folder, whatever those are.

I know a few Dutch made programs that use such a trick, so it’s not a joke. And I think it’s a safe way to test, as long as you make sure that you make regular backups, preferrably by making copies of that folder to a thumb drive whenever you like. An automated backup process can get in the way too, so I suggest a manual one.

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Yes that is correct-- your idea is definitely worth exploring— so I understand everything you are saying BUT have one question— once I set up the new folder outside the document folder, I would just put the database files in that folder INSTEAD of moving my whole RM 9 folder out of the document folder and into the new folder?

You can do either, as long as it’s outside the standard documents folder, so you could even move your RM 9 folder to C: if that works, or D:, if you have that. You could also put that inside a folder called C:\data, whatever works best so that you can recognize what it is, and can copy it with one click.

I’d create a folder on your desktop (call it RM Data) and put your data there. In an empty space on desktop just Right click, New, Folder. That way you can see it and know where your files are.

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I did that a lot, lomg ago, but putting files on the desktop also means that they’re actually somewhere deep inside your user folder, where Windows still has a chance to mess with them.