Serious problem in RM 10

Using RM 10. I added descendants to someone already in the database - at least three generations, maybe four. I printed the relationship chart (where I had trouble printing - reported in a previous incident). I then right-clicked several of these new people, selected “Color Coding”, and applied their color. I then went to “Publish” and chose “Ancestry TreeShare”, expecting that RM would take me through the newly created descendants so that I could add them to Ancestry. It did not select ANY of the new descendants!

I couldn’t figure this out, so I exited TreeShare and started examining my RM file, and NONE of the new descendants were there! So I added them again, this time doing a backup after every new addition (or sometimes I’d add two people before doing the backup - the point is, I was trying to cut my losses if it should fail again). This time when I used TreeShare it found the new entries and I was able to add them to Ancestry.

This is a serious problem. I’ve been doing this kind of thing for several years now, without problems. There’s something wrong in release 10 that loses data you’ve entered. Remember, I successfully printed a relationship chart with the new people, so when I went back and discovered they were gone, I had the hard copy to prove to myself that I wasn’t losing my mind.

Until this problem has been identified and fixed, I’m not going to update anything in RM 10. Please respond!

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Good Morning

I do not believe the issue you are experiencing is related to RM10. Few Questions:

  1. What is location of the RM(10) database?
  2. if the file and/or folder syncing to the cloud by chance?
  3. Not sure if part of your issue is related to TreeShare and the restrictions between Ancestry

would be

Thank you for your response. The database is on my D drive, which is an external drive. All of my data is on it, C contains only the data delivered with Windows 11, and some subsequent systems files. No, there is no syncing to the cloud.

I use Carbonite cloud backup, but as far as I know local D drive activity isn’t dependent on responses from Carbonite. In fact, from what little I’ve seen of the interactions between Carbonite and my system, the Carbonite updates are accomplished significantly later than my local updates.

Sounds like you are opening the wrong file. Make sure you are not double clicking on the file outside of the program. That is not the file it will automatically open with.

I never open a RM file outside of the RM program. I have only one RM database.

Nevertheless, it sounds very much like file confusion because the database file is updated with each person added and at frequent points in between as you edit. People don’t just disappear. For them to be truly deleted without there having been database corruption would require that somehow RM spontaneously ran a delete procedure from its code. The database engine itself has a rollback process when a database transaction has failed but that is going to be at the level of one person or finer in what you are doing. Is it possible you have a group filtering the views you checked and the missing people are simply not members?

Thank you Tom. I’m persuaded by your description of how RM is supposed to work. Not sure what you mean about a group filtering the views I’ve checked, but if you’re talking about Groups in RM, I’ve never gotten involved with them, and I know nothing about them. I just now checked my C and D drives and there’s only one database (on the D drive) with the name that I’m currently using.

My initial assumption was that RM was adding the new people into a copy of the DB that it had in memory, and that somehow that never got written to the hard drive. I don’t believe I shutdown or restarted RM between the time I printed out the Relationship Chart (which showed the new people) and when I went back to work on the newly added people, but I can’t swear to anything.

It’s a mystery, at least to me.


It happened again. I made numerous changes in Roots Magic, but when I went to Ancestry Tree Share they didn’t show up. So I went back over the list of changes, and the first two were not in RM, although I remembered entering them. The VERY interesting thing about this is that when I initially entered the second change I matched it with Family Search, and I copied my changes over to Family Search. So when I went back, saw that the changes were NOT in RM, I matched it with Family Search, and Family Search showed the changes, with the notes I left justifying the change, and it even showed my name. So we know that the change I made in RM got propagated to Family Search, so why is it NOT in Roots Magic?! There’s something very wrong here.

The problem is solved. I’m embarrassed to explain what happened. I wasn’t aware that there was a “save” button that appears at the top of a fact when something’s been changed. In RM 7 there was a button with the word “SAVE” but now it’s just a check mark. You click on the check mark to indicate that you wish to save the change. Luckily it’s sometimes unnecessary (for example, if you move onto another fact it automatically saves the one you’re leaving), but now that I know about this I’ll click on it every time. I apologize for making a big issue out of it, but maybe someone else will learn about this subtle but important feature.