Tab frustrations

Recently a user said among other things:

“The tab key in the “add person” template is driving me nuts. There should be no variation - the tab key takes you to the next line! Currently, the tab key jumps down the template and lands just anywhere it wants. I confess I watch the keyboard when I type so I often don’t see the problem in a time. Seems like an easy fix.”

(Yes I could have used “Blockquote” I understood how it works, but that is another matter)

I have a similar problem. Sometimes TAB moves you from field to field. Sometimes, it reproducibly takes you to the wrong place. Usually, ENTER does the right thing, but if you get there by TAB, you can’t get back one field by Shift-TAB which is pretty universally the way to do things.

If you happen to TAB when it doesn’t do anything (seen in entering a citation that has lots of fields associated with it), the interface is frozen, so the ENTER key doesn’t move you on.

Ben Woznick


Not sure why this is happening but I suspect the view designer did not reset tab order in the view in the latest changes. Many designer programs require one to reset the tab order each time a new version is compiled. Should be an easy fix for RM8 but I know it can be frustrating when the tabs goes to another strange place in the view.

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I am having issues with this too and it is driving me batty. I hope they fix it in the next update

I have experienced the same problems over and over. It happens randomly (or not?). Recent updates did not fix the issue yet.

Yes, it drives me nuts. Half the time, adding a new person, I enter the first name, hit tab, and I am in the Proof field. Have to use the mouse to get back to the surname. Other times, it works correctly. The problem also occurs in other places, such as adding a burial.

RM Development is well known with the problem.

I, too, have been having many problems with inconsistent tab order (RM 8 on Windows 10). I hope it will be fixed soon.

I have reported this to RM some time ago and a representative from RM has been into my laptop to see for himself how it was working.