2 ideas of UI enhancements


Here are 2 ideas:

1 - When using the very useful Date Calculator, you commonly start by entering the End Date.
But to enter the Age, I would like to use ‘‘Tab’’. Unfortunately ‘‘Tab’’ doesn’t move the cursor anywhere :slightly_frowning_face:
You must on Age to enter it, then the Calculator calculates the Start Date and proposes to insert it in the corresponding field. Because these calculated dates are very often estimated ones, would it be possible to add under the field ‘‘Start Date’’ a free text box that we could fill with the text we want to automatically add? And why not 2 text boxes, one for text before the calculated date, and another one for the text after.

2 - When in any list, when clicking somewhere in the vertical slider, that the list scrolls automatically up or down for 2 thirds of its current size, like as everywhere in Windows or other windowed interfaces. For now, it’s one item by one, but top and down arrows exist for doing this.

I had a third one, regarding Search in Lists, but it’s corrected in this last release. Fantastic :grinning:

Have a great day

Tabs and Shift+Tabs have always worked for me on Windows 11. Are you on a Mac, by chance?

Click on (or Tab down to) the current number value(s) and change them via keyboard

What is you starting window that you then Click on (or Tab down to) so that I can adjust the numbers for what the scroll bar moved?


EVERY slider bar has numbers to the left that indicate the current value of that slider. They can be changed directly, instead of moving the slider. Mouse-click them or Tab to them.

I’m on Windows 11 and there is only in THIS specific window that Tab doesn’t work. So the ask for a check by developers.

Please add a screenshot because I don’t understand your answer

Screenshot 2024-04-14 165805


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Well I must be confused or we are talking about two different things. I was hoping that you said I could adjust (hopefully permanently) the scroll slider in things like Place List (see attached screenshot). Now I find the arrow box moves one line and clicking in the scroll bar also only moves one line. I would like to adjust the second action to move about 20 lines (more or less a screen at a time).


Sorry, two different things. Those sliders require either pressing mouse pointer down (within the narrow channel below or above the slider button) and keeping it pressed to move down/upward at a scrolling clip -or- highlight a place name and then use the up/down arrows for same scrolling movement.

Very very interesting, and many thanks, because until 2 days ago, it never run and today… it’s OK !!!

I agree with @fahumm , what you describe is not how the list ought to scroll: it must scroll about 2 third of the shown lines when you click in the slider itself, above or below the slider button. And not only one line by one line, the top and bottom arrows are here for one by one line moves.

And I (re)found where Search is not working as elsewhere. It’s in TreeShare.

I you type the first letters of a Surname, the list is not filtered and the first found people is at the bottom

On the left, how it runs perfectly in People.

If in TreeShare, you add a comma + something, no results at all if the Surname is not an existing one

The list is from start

With a full Surname + comma + start of a Given, first found is at the bottom and no real filtering

Pretty sure that’s how it has been throughout RootsMagic’s existence.

Pretty sure too, if nobody took time doing the remark. But it’s disturbing when you are working day long on windowed interfaces then switch to RootsMagic.

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I really don’t understand the difficulty, nor the time lost.

The box/index combination has two flavours. Flavour 1 dynamically filters the records according to what you have input, matching surnames against input before a comma and first names on what you input after a comma. This works on

  • The index to the people screens

  • The people list

  • The couples list (filtering on either husband or wife)

Flavour 2 brings into focus the first record in which the surname starts with the characters that you have entered. It will move part of the index/table so that this record is visible. If it finds this record by scanning downwards, then the record will be at the bottom of the visible part of the window. This works on

  • The Roots Magic Explorer (used for marking freeform groups, selecting people to colour code, include in a Gedcom or a report etc)

  • Treeshare

  • The interface with FamilySearch.

There may be others that I have forgotten about.

It seems like a very deliberate decision by the developers to have two separate versions of this, and I suspect that they have good technical reasons for doing so.

In principle, I would prefer flavour 2 to move the highlighted record to the top of the window, but this is not even my top priority for improving the operation of this tool in treeshare; much more important for me is the fact that RM9 completely refreshes the window when you select or deselect ‘only show changed people’ and moves the focus to the top. (RM 7 retained the focus on the same person.) This makes the already laborious treeshare process worse than it would otherwise be, because I have to continually note the name of the person I am working on, unclick the ‘changed people box’ and then key the person’s name in.

I definitively agree with you !

You are right, these are perhaps developers reasons, let them answering.

I have found this annoying for years, especially with a long list, but never bothered to report it. It’s not how native apps work on either Mac or Windows, which I think is what @fahumm and @ClipOn are asking for.

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