Places Used, Date Column

When selecting a specific places in Places, on the right hand side, Used is shown. Click on the number in this category and a list of the events where this place is referenced is displayed. The first column is the Date of the event, but the column is too narrow. It can be adjusted but it always reverts to the narrow setting the next time the screen is accessed. It would be helpful if there were a way to permanently changed the width of the column. Unless the name of the person in the right-most column is exceedingly long, there is more than enough space to resize the other columns (Date and Type).

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I hadn’t noticed that as I must have my Date format in General settings set differently to your setting.

I use Date format: 10 Jan 1959 which looks like the size the column width is defaulting for.

But I do see your issue.

I use the same date format as you do, but I have exactly the same problem that the OP reports

Mine shows full date. Moved the bar to shorten it and went back it was showing the full date.

I wonder if there’s a setting in your program that’s different in mine. I don’t have the foggiest idea of where to start looking, though.

Have you increased the font size?

The Font scaling % option in Settings->Display Settings does effect how much of the text is visible in the default column size

Can you give me a screen shot of how it appears when you first open the Used list?

Can you give me a screen shot of how it appears when you first open the Used list?

I went looking for font settings but couldn’t find them. Therefore, it is unlikely that I’ve changed the font size.

Thank you, Austin. “The Font scaling %” is set to 100.

A simple quick test certainly confirms that ONLY the date formats 10 Jan 1959 and 10 JAN 1959 (occupying less than 12 character positions) are fitted properly into the Date column of the “Used” list.

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Confirming issue with date column width auto-adjusting to accommodate the full spelling of the month has been reported to development.

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Thank you for reporting it, rzamor1!