Minor feature request regarding the command palette

At present, the command palette is available at the upper right on the list of all persons window, but NOT on the Edit Person screen. I most often use the palette to get to tools like the date calculator when I’m editing the data on a person, and it’s not helpful to have to close the window in order to get to it and then re-open the window to insert the data for the person. The command palette needs to be accessible from both those screens – in fact, it should be visible from virtually ALL screens.

The date calculator is available from the date line when in the edit person screen, it is the icon to the right of the calendar icon. Also, if you do not have your edit person screen opened to maximum (screen size), the command palette is visible and accessible. The edit person screen will minimize, just click on the RootsMagic Taskbar, and bring the edit person screen back up.

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Hmmm. I have no icons visible in that location at all in RM9, or anywhere in the right-hand panel, no matter which fact line I have highlighted (“Birth” in your example). Is displaying those an option? Because I don’t see it on the “Options” list.

You have to click on the date field to make the icons appear. This is just one of the examples where RootsMagic hides some of the options and gives no indication that there is more available for some fields. I hate it myself.

If you are a windows user, the calculator that comes with Windows includes date calculations.

Well, yes – but it’s awkward and takes about two dozen clicks to obtain someone’s birth date from the days-months-years given on a grave marker.

Wow. Yes, I see that now. Very stupid. Why do they persist in hiding things? Do the coders actually hate the users? I’m still ticked off at them for leaving out most of the universal Windows keyboard shoetcuts that have been included automatically in every program produced in the past 30+ years.