Edit page - hover mouse over a "person item" - screen colour

hovering the mouse over a fact category on the edit page, e.g. Person item, not or media - the pop-up window appears but it is almost black - I can see info is there, so it’s working but unreadable! I’m on a Mac, Monterey. Can’t see anywhere to set the tour of this window. Is it a setting inside RootsMagic8, or is it a Mac setting ?

oops - just realised I have “dark mode” selected on the Mac - because I prefer it it. Switching to “light mode” solves the RootsMagic issue, above. Like in other Mac apps - I’d like to be able to (a) use “dark mode” as my default for the Mac, but be able to set a RootsMagiic preference to use “light mode”. Perhaps I should make this a feature request?