Hover over isn't working consistently after right clicking a person in RM8

To describe this one requires a video and the video is 2:55 in length. As I say in the video, it’s a trifle but if it were easy to fix it sure would be nice if it could be fixed. The link is below.

Hover over after right clicking a person is inconsistent in RM8

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Great video, Jerry! It’s not trifle if its causing grief. Hope it gets fixed!

That isn’t anything new. I posted about that back during community preview at least twice. Renee responded once and said they were aware of it. As you can see, it still hasn’t been fixed.

Another “hover over” feature that didn’t carry over from RM7 is from the Edit Person Screen. Hovering over a checkmark in the column for Notes used to bring up the full text of the note and hovering over the checkmark for Sources would list the Source names. I found those features extremely useful.

If there’s anything comparable in RM8, I haven’t found it yet.