People List mode - mouse problem?

I have the oddest problem. Since doing a manual merge of several duplicate persons in my database, my mouse will no longer select the line that I want in the People List mode. In the sample below, I clicked on the name two lines below Fannie Lela Kidd (it was Florence D. Kidd that I selected). But whatever line I select with the mouse, RM selects the name two rows up. I can successfully use the up/down arrows to go to the row that I really want. The mouse works fine in Couple List, elsewhere in RM, and in all other non RM programs.

Am I crazy (probably)? I suspect that there is a utility somewhere that I need to find to repair the database. Does anyone have any ideas? I use Win 10. Thanks.

RM People list|690x293

Yesterday I had an issue with the mouse selecting certain functions including edit a person. My fix was to shut the program down and restart the program which resolved the issue. I couldn’t recall what exactly I was doing before the problem arose. I think it may have been whilst I was experimenting with dragging and dropping a person from one database into a new blank database.

I have the same problem with the index list and it is completely reproducible, at least by me. If I start the program, then drag the slider down the list of people about halfway, then click on a line, the program selects someone about two or three lines down in the list. If I search in the index first immediately after starting the program, there is no problem with the filtered list that is presented.

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Unfortunately, in my case rebooting (shut down, power off, restart, re-open program) has no affect on the problem…it persists.

We can only hope the RM developers are monitoring this community feed.

I want to update the group regarding this problem.

After living with it for three days, spanning multiple sessions of data entry, the problem has now disappeared and everything is working normally.

This will be a difficult programming problem to fix if it is intermittent. Of course, programs can’t behave randomly; there must be an unknown cause and an equally unknown solution to it. I’m committed to using RM8.

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Try this tweak to application compatibility settings suggested in the FAQ for a different problem:

It affects scaling beaviour and I’ve experienced the dislocation of mouse pointer, location of drag item and drop zone on my second monitor which is set to 125% scaling. By applying this ‘remedy’ for a different issue, it appears to have remedied my drag an drop issue at the loss of automatic scaling of the font in a given box in the Pedigree view to fit in the person’s name. The result is that all names are the same font size and long ones truncated but drag and drop behaves correctly.