RM8: Navigation from History list - with people list open / scrolling behaviour

With the history list view in my side panel, and people list in the main panel
selecting someone from the history only attempts to show you the selected person in the people list.
Yes it shifts the focus of the person panel above the index to the person selected in history view,
Yes in pedigree view if the person is on the pedigree it shifts the highlighted person to them, or to them in a pedigree if not
Yes in descendant view it shifts to their descendant view
(but if they are already in the list of descendants they are NOT highlighted in anyway that my eyesight can determine).

With the people list open it only makes a vauge attempt to get close to the person in the list.
I have run all the database tools and this behaviour did not change.

I am often more interested in all the other people with the same name(s) and like scrolling up/down that list for similar people and where / when they existed.
Which the index view in the side panel doesn’t provide.

This vague attempt at respositioning the people list consists of getting somewhere close by surname
eg selecting “William Chalon Search” from history
positioned the person list showed (just some of) my William Scotts

Trying to scroll up/down by clicking on and sliding the scroll positioning box is NOT a fine tuned way to move, it scrolls way way too fast to be precise
Using standard scrollbar behaviour by clicking above (or below) the box, to jump up/down a page of results only moves one line - which is not helpful.
This is the same positioning / scrolling behaviour I mentioned in the Quick groups thread about selecting all people in highlighted person’s tree

Windows 10 here and clicking individual folks in the History seems to highlight the appropriate person every time in any main screen view …for me. Yes, the scrolling is variously wonky in different places. For example, for me, “scroll-wheeling” while hovered over the History pane causes the selected main screen view to also scroll. Regardless of amount of lines specified in Win 10 mouse settings, it scrolls selection to every 5th individual both in the History pane and taht person in the main screen views. Can’t seem to get the scroll lines down to 1. But individual clicking takes me right to the chosen and highlighted person.

It appears LornaHen is seeing the same type of erratic behavior in the scroll bars and index pane that I have reported here and to RootsMagic. However from a lack of similar comments, it seems most others are not seeing the same things. It could be most people are just using the search instead of scrolling.

Charles, if I set the mouse pointer in the list of names, be it in the regular index on the left side of the people view, or the index of names when using TreeShare, and use the scroll wheel on my mouse, I experience these issues. However, when I set the mouse pointer in the scroll bar area to the right of the list of names (above or below the solid portion), I can then use the scroll wheel on my mouse to quickly move up or down the list, without experiencing any problems.
I hope this makes sense. Not sure if it will be the same for others, or just for me. I’m on an iMac.

(just found this unposted:
Haven’t rechecked in 8.1.1
Basically, yes I would still rather like the scroll to work smoothly,

But my initial problem is that the clicking in the history list to jump to a past “of interest” person, does not position the people list view on the result of the search, just getting somewhere apparently close, Ross for Rothermich eg and I have a heap of Ross :slight_smile: so I have to navigate further somehow.
Which makes the History list useless.

I can’t use the arrow as the focus is still in the history panel list
But if I do try too, positioned over the people list, oddly enough BOTH the history list AND the people list move down one each time, but also adds each next person from the people list to the history whilst keeping the original selection highlighted in the history panel.

If I hover over the people list (instead of explicitly using the scroll bar) initially it scrolls backwards with the first scroll, Ross to rolfe eg instead of Ross to Roth…
changing scroll direction to back up the alphabet works fine, Ri… > Re… but then changing back to scrolling down the alphbet continues to scroll in the same direction Re… Ra…

I eventually found my mouse, but using that instead of trackpad made no difference.

Even trying to scroll slowly using the box in the scroll bar is way way too fast for anything remotely precise positioning (seems faster than in eg Mac’s Finder) - which is why I tried using the click above/below to jump to the next page of results on the screen.

If I give up on trying to use the history list and try the search box whilst keeping people view
Much the same results.
Search for a surname only eg
yes a filtered list of that surname
click on one of them in the people view
remove the filter to get the whole list hopefully centred on the selected person
oh no, back to the selected person not being in view in the people list so the objective of seeing those up/down from the person in the list still not met.