History List INVISIBLE

I find several references to the “History List”, for example in the Wiki:

"RootsMagic maintains a “history list” in the History sidebar of the most recently visited individuals in your database. ‘’‘Displaying the History list’’’ "

Another one, that I found earlier", refers to a “History tab” in the sidebar.

Now, I do find that if I use the “<” and “>” at the top of the main sub window (I wish I had a name for it, but I don’t), it will go up and down the History list. I do not see any way to get it to display. It is possible that it will display in the sidebar if I change the General Setting of “Start side view” to “History”, except when I do that I just get the ordinary side view.

I note hat there is another item “History automatically clears”, which I note is the case, and makes the feature of less value, if you can actually invoke it.

Any suggestions about how to make the history list visible would be appreciated.

Ben Woznick

The “History tab” in the sidebar is only usable or viewable from the People menu item. It is always available/selectable. It is shown highlighted here:

Sorry, but I have nothing that looks like that, ever. How do you get it?

If you do not see the header of that lower panel, please submit a screen shot of what is depicted instead.

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Wonderful. My lower subwindow on the person window was collapsed, so I didn’t see this stuff.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the other icons are. The first one looks like it searches something, although all attempts to search does nothing. Ah, you don’t click on the magnifying glass, you click again on the little people.

The bookmark thing actually functions the way I would expect it to. The folder thing has to do with the group assignments…

Thanks for your help with this rather non-intuitive use of the word “Tab”.