History automatically clears

On the People Page, the side bar has a history tab. Should the history reset automatically every time I close the program with a back up. Shouldn’t the history stay until I clear it? If I am working in RM and want to pick up where I left off the next day, I would want my history of who I was working on the previous day to still be there.
How is the history sidebar supposed to work? Is it just your history for your current session?

Yes, it is just history for the current session. You could put this in as a feature request though.

I would like to see a rolling history that stays there for the last 75-100 people.

Thanks. Still learning my way around RM8. Sometimes you think you understand the parameters of a function and then find out it does more or less than you thought.

I agree this would be useful. I note that Heredis does this.

How about:

Settings/General Settings/
Start Person = Last Person
Start View = Last View

to achieve what you want of re-opening RM8 to where you left off.

It wont list the others you had worked on because history gets reset to empty but will place you at the very last person & screen worked on.

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There is the feature to bookmark people. If you have a group you would like to continue working it is quick, easy and in the index view. You can then remove the bookmark when done.


Yes, I will do that. At least I will have a hint of the family I was working on. I will just have to jot down the history list before I close out each time. I sent a feature request. Its not a top priority but very helpful to me when working on genealogy; especially when you come across information that would be useful for an outlying descendent.

If any of the recent data entry was for new profiles then using the People List sorted on RIN will show the last additions.

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