TreeShare and (Checked) Only Show changed people

Appears to not be working correctly.
Have 100’s of people with nothing mismatched media, sources, no marriage sources that cause unmatched situation.
Both RM and Ancestry exactly the same.
I Could clear every one from the “changed” list.
I am presuming it would clear everyone even it there were changes to be made.
And that is not what is needed.
The only way I have been able to get them "changed is to do minor change sync then come back undo change and re-sync.

2nd is, as other poster too, it is very aggravating to have to go back to the top of the list
after every change. Would be better to drop to next person.

Just rechecked with one person synced with the cause of death fact from RM to ancestry, (same fact created on both RM and Ancestry) synced only RM fact.
Left TreeShare messed around with people for a while came back to to TreeShare
and the person was not there w checked Only show changed.
Even though there was a fact and source to be remaining to be synced from Ancestry.
Unchecked Only show changed and person came up as needing change.

I have the same query

Under Settings, WebHints, Clear on Accept, you can decide if you want people removed from the changed list after accepting changes or not. If you have it checked as soon as you hit accept, regardless of what you have completed, they go off the list. That is why when the list refreshes the person is gone and focus goes back to the top of the list. If you don’t want that behavior then uncheck “Clear on Accept”. When you are finished with a person click the button in the upper right corner with the small X in it labeled “Mark as not changed”.

Yea I understand that. But that is not what I am talking about.
RM keeps people on the list have no changes, NONE ZIP.
If you clear them the ones that have changes disappear too.
So you are left with looking through lots of people that don’t have changes.

I’ve noticed that too. I keep getting a lot of people and everything is green. No changes are needed. I just have to keep clicking the X to mark them ok.

If Ancestry makes changes in the background it will trigger them to be marked as changed. Same thing happens with FamilySearch. This isn’t something any of us have control over. You just need to remove them after viewing.

I must be missing something. What X mark? To clear one person?

This one…

Thanks a Bunch. That helps A LOT
What the heck. I though I had read all about TreeShare.
Guess I missed that one. Now I’m pissed w myself.