Only show changed people in TreeShare

When I run Treeshare, with the option “Only show changed people” turned on, I get many people showing up where the only difference between the Rootsmagic person and the matching Ancestry person are the LDS ordinances that have been completed.

Is there some way to get TreeShare to ignore these ordinances, as I’m not going to load them into Ancestry but I don’t want them causing a “false positive” in terms of there being a difference between my RootsMagic data and the corresponding Ancestry data.

There really isn’t. Once you make a change on the person it will put them on the changed list.

That’s too bad - sorry to hear it. It makes the TreeShare function much less useful. About the only time I would use it is if I knew there was a specific person I wanted to update.

Can this option be placed on a “wish list” for future program development?

Confirming the request has been reported.