RM9 - ancestry treeshare

I may be missing something. I made a number of changes to different people in RM9. After my last change, I clicked the ancestry treeshare button. Only the LAST person that I changed showed as having differences from ancestry. If I highlighted one of the other people I changed, click the treeshare button, it brings in those differences but no one elses. How to I get RM to do all the changes most recently done to update those changes in ancestry.com? Am I missing a setting? Seems pretty cumbersome to do only one person at a time.

Update - the changes are there for all the people I changed, but ONLY the last person I edited shows when I check the ‘show only changed people’. Additionally, there is no ‘bolding’ to indicate that there are other people changed (that’s what the RM7 treeshare video shows).


Approving TreeShare changes is a very manual and clicky process. You can only approve one person at a time, and even within a person I have to approve each different change with a separate click.

This mode of operation is by design and is quite intentional. Some RM users very much like this design and some RM users very much dislike this design.

I don’t quite understand it not showing you all the changed people. That part always works fine for me.

I understand about approving one person at a time and each with a separate click - don’t have an issue with that really. The issue I have is that my changed list only shows the LAST person that I was editing. I changed a number of places affecting multiple people and then made a specific change to one person. Then I click on the treeshare and ONLY the last person that I changed shows in the change list.

I clicked on one of the people I know the place changed (after removing the show only changed people) and the compare does show changes. But I don’t remember all that I changed - and I thought the ‘show only changed’ would show all changed - until I have some setting not on.

Changes in Places do not register on the comparison because it once did and users complained that one change could result in differences for a lot of people. It probably should have been made a user choice.

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Ok, thanks on that. I’ll try one where I do make actual changes to multiple people and see what happens. ( was cleaning up my place list).

In general, no bulk changes in RM are reflected as changes for the purposes of TreeShare. The most common bulk change would probably be for place names. But for example, you could use global Search and Replace to change text in lots of notes all at once or to change the spelling of lots of peoples’ surnames all at once, etc. Any kind of bulk changes like that would not be considered as changes for the purposes of TreeShare.

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