Sync with Ancestry shows all people not just changed people

Updated to V9.1.5.0 today. Then opened the Ancestry sync (with the only show changed people box checked) but all the people in my database showed up. Shut everything down, restarted my PC tried again with the same result. Don’t have the time or energy to click ‘no change’ to 15K+ people!

If Ancestry is making changes in the background and it tickles your people it could put them all on the changed list. Frustrating, but the only options in RM is to either work through each of them and mark them not changed or use the “Clear everyone from “changed” list” under Options in TreeShare.

Thank you. I have tried option 3, created a new file and downloaded my Ancestry tree to it. My Ancestry file was up to date with changes made in RM so hopefully that will work! Still have the old one just in case…