Tree share and number of individuals showing changes

Can someone help me understand how RM determines a change when syncing with Ancestry? I added a DNA test to Beka, did a sync. The list of changed individuals was Beka, both her parents, her husband, and her child, but only Beka showed any differences in field compare. Before I did this change, I had done sign on and sync with Ancestry and there were no individuals in the changed list.

How can one change bring in the entire family?

Did you happen to open the other family members Edit Person screens at any point? Or, view any of the family members while on Ancestry?

No. I opened RootsMagic, signed into Ancestry and the list was empty of changes. I Added DNA test to Beka and did the Ancestry Tree sync. The list was Beka and her 4 family members. I am adding DNA test to all my matches and it seems the entire family is always appearing in the syncing rather than the one individual I touched/changed.