Question about TreeShare for Ancestry

I’m trying to use the TreeShare for Ancestry tool to check my tree with the one in Ancestry. I linked and checked the “Only show changed people” box. It does reduce the number of people listed but there are many who show no change or difference whatsoever. I looked at the wiki but there is nothing about this.

Is there something I can do to make it only list the people who actually have a difference between the Roots file and the ancestry database? I don’t know if it is something I did or a bug, or what.

I had done quite a lot of manual changes that I tried to make the same between the ancestry person and the Roots person so is this why?

With the TreeShare box opened there is an option button. One of the options is “clear everyone from the changed list.”

But there are also many who have been changed so that doesn’t seem like the right option because that would also clear them. I wanted to list only the people who actually have changes instead of all those who don’t but are in the list anyway.

You can scroll the list to see who needs changes, as information that does not match will be either yellow, or red and update only those. Sometimes people are populated in that list because in updating a family member their record has been “touched.” But they don’t need updating, all fields are green. You can click the x in the upper right corner individually, “unchanged” or just scroll past. When your list is updated as you want, then use the button to clear those that do not need an update.

Thanks. I found the clear individually button but that is a PITA when there are hundreds of false hits in the list. I was hoping there was something that would make it do what it says , ie, show only those that are changed and not throw in a bunch that are the same.

The problem with not clearing them as I go thru is that when I fix a real one, I get bumped back to the beginning of the list which makes me have to find where I was and have dozens of false items to get to the next one. A tedious job.

Once that list is cleared the first time, you will see only changed individuals.

I ran the correct names option on RootsMagic and it added full stops after every initial…you can imagine what happened next time I synced with Ancestry! I also find sometimes Ancestry adds citations to names that show up as differences because in RM they are attached to events.

You will never get a perfect system with Ancestry. I have had many problems trying to share my tree with Ancestry and RM. Try deleting your Ancestry tree and making a clean install. That might work. Then again it might not. Today I am unable to upload to Ancestry the latest changes. Just do yourself a favor. Make a backup of your RM tree before you venture forth into the new world.

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I do a backup each time I venture into the tools. And every session when I make changes.

If you only research the United States, the Ancestry or Family search is good. I deal mainly with European and Italian records. In that case I have started to use It has its own special app that uploads your gedcom and all tagged documents and pictures. It will upload a gedcom then search your tagged item and upload them. You don’t have to double entry. What is nice about it is viewing all your sources exactly s entered into your computer via RM8.