Ancestry TreeShare - partial update

When updating only some items but not all then the person is no more listed in Changed people: why this? But it is always not fully synced

Is this what you are looking for in WebHints Settings.


No, I mean that when you have a list of one or many people to update when ‘‘Only show changed people’’ is selected, if you validate one line to update to one people and you click ‘‘Accept changes’’, then this people disappear from the list even if other lines could also be later updated.
And this people will never be listed in ‘‘Changed people’’ until you do a new change in either RM9 or Ancestry.

So you have that box unchecked then?

If I uncheck ‘‘Only show changed people’’, I can do partial update and the selection remains on the same people, that’s OK.
It would be great if it was the same in ‘‘Changed people’’ mode until any available changes are solved or if, before any are solved, you decide that you have finished with this people using the ‘‘Mark as not changed’’ button.
Now I have hundreds of people that are not fully synced with Ancestry but don’t show in ‘‘Only Changed people’’ and I need to check one after one.