Ancestry TreeShare - Refresh feature

When using TreeShare, it would be great if, working on one person, we could sync item by item and refresh this person only.
Another cool feature would be to see in another color what you have already clicked and in which way. By now, only to be added items are shown in blue and to be deleted one in red

Not sure what you mean by “refresh this person only”. Do you have in WebHints Settings to NOT Clear on Accept?

I mean that when you have a list of one or many people to update when ‘‘Only show changed people’’ is selected, if you validate one line to update to one people and you click ‘‘Accept changes’’, then this people disappear from the list even if other lines could also be later updated.
And this people will never be listed in ‘‘Changed people’’ until you do a new change in either RM9 or Ancestry.

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And so it would be great that the not fully updated people doesn’t disappear and having a Refresh button to refresh this updated people. It must disappear only when everything is in sync.

While on the Changed List if you want to Accept Changes one at a time for a person then you need to change your setting. Go to Settings, WebHints and uncheck “Clear on Accept”. With that setting you will need to manually click on the "Mark as “not changed” button in the top right corner when you want to take them off that list.

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Yesss!!! Excellent, many thanks

Remains adding the feature of being able to choose which Sources/Citations to keep/sync/delete one by one on each side

Confirming request has been reported to development.

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LOL that’s what I said yesterday to do :slight_smile: