"Recent" section in Person lists

A humble suggestion: in RM8, when a Person list is displayed, such as in Ancestry TreeShare, there could be a “Recent” section at the top that lists the top 10 or so people that the user has viewed. Think of it like the Recent list in Windows or MS Office or many other things. I find in a given session I’m usually processing sources and details for a cluster of people many times, so I spend an inordinate amount of time scrolling and filtering the lists for the same few people.

Did you check out the ‘History’ option?

Excellent! Now if that tab could make it into the TreeShare and FamilySearch lists…

Also, you can access the History List without even looking at the History List. In the upper right hand corner of all the People Tab screens you will find a big left arrow and right arrow that look like < and > only much bigger. You can click on those arrows to go forward and backward in the History List without even displaying the History List. I find this way of using the History List to be extremely valuable because it allows me to use the History List while reserving the sidebar for something more useful such as the Index tab.

The History List is cleared if you shut down RM and start RM back up . It’s not obvious to me if that’s a bug or a feature.

I have not yet studied the behavior of RM8’s History List in great detail, but it appears to be somewhat improved over the behavior of RM7’s History list. A problem with RM7’s History List was that it would become cluttered with duplicate entries and with entries for people for whom you had no interest. In particular, as you used RM7’s Index feature in the left sidebar, every person that became highlighted in the left sidebar became added to the History List, even if you never did anything with that person in the main screen. Just scrolling the sidebar up and down would fill up the History List with useless junk. As I said, I have not studied the behavior of RM8’s History List in detail, but it appears that it does not become anywhere near as cluttered with useless junk as did RM7’s History List.