Keep Sidebar History for longer than one session

Not a top priority but I would like the Sidebar History to not clear each time you close out of the program. I would like to be able to go back into RM8 and be able to pick up with the history of the last few people I was working on previously before I closed the program. How many people is ambiguous. Maybe the last 15 or 25 people? Plus there is the clear button that we can reset the history if we are done working on that set of people.
Thank you in advance. I like RM8. To me, it is more logical to work with than previous versions.

Discussion on the same issue was started just before you posted and has several replies worth checking:

Thank you. I posted that as a question and after responses posted here as a feature request. I am following the responses on the first post and there are some work arounds for now.

Oh, yes I see the tag now.

General point to us all:

I think its worth noting in the discussion of a topic that you have reacted by sending a feature request.

And noting in the feature request that its a response to a discussion under another title.

That way we might avoid duplicating the discussion, which is what I feared would happen here.