People view scrolling

While I am in the People View, if I use my W10 mouse to scroll down or up it scrolls a full page but one person beyond/less. I have to go to the right side and click back/forward one person. I have adjusted my W10 wheel settings and it makes no difference.

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Just confirming, I have noticed the same behavior. I have my mouse to scroll 5 lines at a time.

I have mine set for 3 but I don’t know if W10/mouse controls this wheel scrolling function…I think it is RM.

Sounds like the same problem as here:

Not quite. Mine is while you are in the people list, yes if you use the arrows up/down on far right it does go one line at a time. My issue is if you use your Mouse Wheel in the body of the people list, it goes a full page plus one person so you miss the view of that one person.

Actually, with my computer (Windows) one notch of rotation of the mouse wheel goes far more than one page, about 11 more people to be exact. If I click anywhere on the scroll bar, the arrows or the area above and below the slider, the display only moves one line. In all other programs (a Windows standard?) clicking on the blank area above or below the slider moves the view one page. However, none of the scroll bars in RM seems to work that way.

Yes, exactly the same for me.

This problem has been around for a long time. I was a beta tester and reported it on numerous occasions.

Same here. If I use up or down arrow key, it works for awhile then keeps giving error message. I do click yes for “send report” but not sure how that works. Hopefully, it will get resolved, because the People view is very handy. I wish to use it a lot.

Glad to see scrolling problems on Windows. Perhaps the very jerky mac scrolling and failure to respond to spacebar=page will also get fixed.