Scrolling issue in Windows 10

Clicking above or below the scroll slider in RM8 in Windows 10 moves the window contents up or down by only one line. I don’t see this anomalous behavior in any other application, including those programmed for both Windows and Macs. Yet is seems no-one else has reported this. RM7 doesn’t exhibit this problem.

I’m working on a recent LG Gram laptop with Window up-to-date and all drivers current.

Is this a bug or a configuration issue?


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I see that also. In Excel, clicking the bar moves lines for an entire visible page.

I also think the scroll bar is not working correctly when using the scroll on the mouse. In the People List, the scroll bar seems to scroll an entire page, but skips people. Maybe it has to do with the size of the monitor display.

If I have “Anderson, Living” at the top of the list with “Anderson, Richard” visible at the bottom, then scroll down one click, I’m shown “Anderson, Robert” at the top. Two people between Richard and Robert never appeared on the screen. Is the word “smooth scrolling” which is not happening?

Yes. This is quite annoying as it requires multiple clicks on the scroll bar to get anywhere and or having to use the drag feature with the mouse. Much preferred the clicking on the scroll bar to enact a page scroll rather one line at a time :frowning:


I have reported this to RM technical help and got back a reply email that they had opened a ticket. Of course, that doesn’t mean they will do anything about it. It’s a minor inconvenience type of item. The whole searching and scrolling function seems flakey. If you try to select or edit a person from the index without searching first, the wrong person is highlighted and edited.

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I have a similar issue when trying RM 8 Essentials. Scrolling up and down Places (3000+ entries) is fine as is Sources (4000+ entries) but Media (13000+ entries) is unusable, both the List and Thumbnails options. The only way to get down the list is to do a search. Perhaps it is relevant that, apart from the larger database, the Media list is presented differently from the other 2, with 2 lines plus an image vs a one line description. I can’t comment on the Person view, as it is not available in Essentials.

Did we ever get an answer on this? (Somewhat rhetorical since I don’t see it here, but I thought I would ask) This drives me nuts to have to click for one line at a time.

I see this also in Windows 8.1 so it’s not just 10