RM 8 - Bug reports

Is there a place to report bugs?
I noticed that when I am in family view, highlight a person, then right click on that person that the “highlight” jumps to another person so that you are unable to use the right-click menu.

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I’m not seeing that bug. I’m using the latest version on Windows.

To report a bug:

  1. Go to the Home tab. There you will see the “Help and Support” section.
  2. Click “Technical Support” and try the suggestions listed.
  3. If your bug still exists, look for a teeny tiny “Leave a Message” box in the lower right corner - click that and it will expand. You can type in a message to support.

Thanks for your reply. I can certainly repeat the bug in the “family view” if I click on someone mid-list on the child side and there is a spouse on the right lower down. the “cursor” will jump to the lower right spouse when I right click. If I am at the last child or if there is no spouse below, then right click works correctly. I de-bugged software for years so I’ve learned to re-create instances.
I have also had trouble detaching spouses. I will check out the bug reports.

Could you post a screenshot here?

For the screen shot, my cursor was on Aaron Clark, when I right-click you can see that Ebenezer Woodward is highlighted with the drop down menu next to him.

I wanted to add a second spouse to Aaron Clark. In the end I had to do it in the interface in the left corner.

I hope this helps. I’m not great at screenshots.

The screenshot is excellent. But I can’t make it do what you see on my computer.
Are you for sure using update (look under Home, then Updates)

Hoosll, I’m seeing this behavior too.

I haven’t completely ruled out Windows or my computer as the culprit.

I’ve found I sometimes have to left click on an individual, pause to make certain that person gets highlighted. Move the mouse pointer just a little bit, then right click. It will bring up the menu for the correct person. If I go too fast, it will jump to someone else in the family pane.

Were you on Ebenezer before you wanted to go to Aaron? Sometimes I think I have moved to another person but I am ahead of the program and the focus hasn’t actually moved.

No. This is happening to me when I right-click anyone in the left column and there is someone in the right column that the cursor can jump to.

I’ve discovered what seems like a bug.

It has to do with the new ability to switch out a person’s Primary Name. While I’m very happy that it’s now possible to check a ‘Primary’ checkbox on an Alternate Name to make it suddenly become the Primary Name, I was really dismayed to see that the sources attached to that Alternate Name do not follow it when it becomes a Primary Name. What I’m seeing happening instead is:

  • Let’s say I have John Smith as the primary name, and the primary name cites sources A, B, and C.
  • I also have an alternate name for the same person, John Smyth, and this alternate name cites sources D, E, and F.
  • If I make John Smyth the primary name, then the following things happen:
  1. In the top section of the person view, for fact “Person”, the details are “John Smyth” (yay), but the sources attached are still A, B, and C (bad)
  2. In the bottom section of the person view, for fact “Primary Name”, the details are John Smyth (yay), and the sources attached continue to be D, E, and F (yay)
  3. In the bottom section of the person view, for fact “Alternate Name”, the details are John Smith (yay) but there are no sources attached to it (bad)

It shouldn’t work like this. What I expect to happen is that:

  • Yes, John Smith becomes an Alternate Name fact and John Smyth becomes a Primary Name fact, and the overall Person also becomes named John Smyth
  • But The Alternate Name fact (John Smith) should continue to be attached to all the sources it was when it was the Primary Name, AND the overall Person’s name should now be attached to the sources associated with the name John Smyth.

In short, I would expect the sources for the Person’s name to change when you switch which name is the Primary Name. But it doesn’t.

Meaning, that I still have to maintain an EXTRA alternate name, which is identical to the person’s main name, with the sources attached only to that alternate name, and no sources attached to the person’s main name, just like I had to do for RM7. I’d love for this to be fixed. Researchers do often need to change which is the main name for a person, and they shouldn’t have to re-do their sources All. Over. Again. when that happens.

Thank youuu!

Do you first select the person you want to act on with a left click and then do a right click?
or is some other person previously selected and you right click on the person you want to act on?
For me, on WIn, they both work to display the context menu on the person I am clicking on.

Do you have any special drivers installed for your mouse, or are you using a touchpad?

Yes, of course, I click on the person first so it is highlighted, then right click and the highlighting jumps down to another person in the right hand column. This may sound crazy but it may depend on where the cursor is in the box … if I am holding the cursor more to the left side of the box, it seems to work better than if the cursor is further to the right when I do the right click.

Caught a video screen capture of this issue - I’ll send it to RM Support with my bug report.
Right click here and the focus goes to person’s mother, right click there and the focus goes to his wife, right click again and the focus goes to the daughter in law, go back and right click again in a different spot and the focus goes to her son.
Easy to duplicate !!
The file name of the attached images describe where I clicked to cause this erratic behavior:

I’m seeing this bug. 8.0.4 Windows 10

You have described what happens to me, to a T!